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Spring Into the Season with Your Pets

Since it’s now officially spring, we can finally start thinking about spring cleaning. After all, it is always better when everything is fresh and new. While you’re cleaning your house and emptying out your closets, remember to include the dogs and cats of your family in the process. The winter months were just as long for them! So here are a few simple, yet crucial things you can do to include your dogs and cats in the spring cleaning.


Grooming We don’t need to tell you how good it feels to get a fresh cut. The same should go for your dogs and cats. Take them to the groomer to give them a good wash and trim. Now that it’s getting warmer out, their winter coats should be left behind. Your dogs and cats will look and feel lighter. There’s nothing like celebrating spring with a new ‘do!


Exercise Winter pounds are a real thing for both you and your furry family. After all those months of being cooped up inside, it’s time to get outside and moving. Whether you’re going for a jog or a bike ride, bring your pup along. They’ll be more than happy to run with you. There’s no better workout buddy! Check out more exercise tips here.


Travel Plans The arrival of spring means that summer vacations are right around the corner. If you’re planning to head out of town and planning to leave your pets behind, make sure to arrange their boarding options soon. As is the case with your own vacation, the earlier you plan the better!


Visit the Vet There’s no better time to pay your veterinarian a visit than in the springtime. He or she will give your dogs and cats a thorough check-up and prepare them for the outdoor months of spring and summer. April is Heartworm and Lyme Disease Awareness Month as well, so make sure to get your dog back on his preventative medication, because the warm months bring on those pesky bugs.


Restock on Toys, Leashes, and Collars Isn’t it nice when you get a new wardrobe for the spring? We recommend treating your dogs and cats the same way. Chances are, after a long winter season, their toys and collars will have gone through some wear and tear. The start of spring is a good time to throw the old away and invest in some replacements. Your pets will always appreciate a whole new slew of toys to play with.


Clean up their Beds In a perfect world, dogs and cats would be able to make their own beds. Since that isn’t the case, your pets beds should be included on your spring cleaning list. Run their bed covering or sheets in the washer and dryer, just make sure to use non-scented detergent and softener. Scented versions may irritate your pet’s

Noa and Lucy

The Team Cuddle Freshpet Faves

We’re pretty sure it’s not possible to overdose on cute photos, but we have to be getting close. There have been thousands of entries in the #FreshpetTeamCuddle contest, and every single one of them has been fantastic. We’ve got some good looking fans out there! If you haven’t yet checked out the finalists, check them out at Momma’s Gone City.


So because we have had such a great time looking through all these pics of kiddos, kitties and pups we’ve decided to add one last category: the Freshpet Faves! These are our 10 absolute favorite photos. We think you’d agree. Tell us which photo you think should be the Freshpet favorite! The winner will get a very special Freshpet gift basket. Now without further ado, here are the Freshpet Faves!

Freshpet Fave 4 Freshpet Fave 5 Freshpet Faves 6 Freshpet Faves 7 Freshpet Faves 8 Freshpet Faves 9 Freshpet Faves 10

Team Cuddle Fave 1 Team Cuddle Fave 2 Team Cuddle Fave 3

Tell us which of these are your favorites. While the most popular photos aren’t guaranteed to win, we’ll definitely consider the fan vote! Enjoy the cuddles, everyone.


Our Vital Transformation

photo copy

The next time you’re in your pet specialty store looking for our Vital® recipes, you may notice something a little different. Our Vital packages have a new look to them. But don’t worry, pet parents. While the package may have changed, the quality ingredients and delicious taste that keep your pets healthy and happy are exactly the same. Your pets will eat it all up as usual!

And on top of that, the Vital family is growing even larger. Deli Fresh® Turkey and Chicken recipes are joining the team as Vital Balanced Nutrition. They’re the same recipe, now under the Vital name.



To celebrate the debut of Vital’s new look, we’re happy to announce our Vitals Fresh Look sweepstakes! If you encounter these new Vital packages in the wild –er the fridge, snap a picture. You can send it to us by uploading to our Facebook page, tagging it with the hashtag #VitalsFreshLook or emailing us at You’ll be entered to win a grand prize from us at Freshpet. That means more tasty treats for your dogs and cats.

photo 4

The Freshpet Truck Hits NYC!



Yesterday was a big day for us here at Freshpet. Our friend Dr. Katy was a guest on the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda (where she got to feed some Olympic champions our Freshpet Dog Joy treats), and the Freshpet truck hit the streets of New York!


In honor of National Love Your Pet Day, we asked pet parents all day long to take the #FeedFresh pledge, promising to feed their pups and kitties fresh, nutritious food. Find out more about the pledge here: The truck was a big part of it, with pet parents all over the city pledging to #FeedFresh in return for a coupon or 1lb slice & serve roll.


Zack, one of the newest members of the Freshpet team, shares his experiences on the only food truck for dogs and cats:


photo 2

We got our day started in the morning by hanging out in the downtown neighborhood of TriBeca where we met our pal Bumper who LOVED our Dog Joy Turkey Bacon strips. It was a real pleasure to tell pet parents about Freshpet. They were all super excited to give our recipes a try! Afterwards, we made our way to the East Village where we met some of the hippest pups and pet parents in town! Sandy the pit bull, in particular, was feeling very social and hung out with our truck team for quite some time!


From there, the truck made its way to Union Square and Madison Square Park. It was a very busy time of day, but there were plenty of pets and pet parents out on the town that were eager to taste Freshpet for the very first time. Z the Chow, whose dad told us is usually very finicky with his food, couldn’t get enough of our Dog Joy treats!

photo 1


As the day wound to a close, the truck had one more stop to make: the Meatpacking District on the west side of Manhattan. The neighborhood hosted Social Media Week, a yearly gathering of the best minds and personalities on social media. And as we all know, the Internet LOVES pets, so we had a lot of fun talking with the pet-loving social media-ites. It was a great day to take the Freshpet truck out into the city. Despite the chilly weather, the pets and their parents were out in full force. And we were happy to give some Freshpet recipes away to our new friends! If you missed out on the fun, don’t worry! You can still take the #FeedFresh pledge AND get a coupon for free Freshpet here:


Dog Food Good Enough to Eat (Especially if you’re a Gold Medalist)

Today was an exciting day.

Today, our friend and partner Dr. Katy Nelson was a guest on The Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda, talking about, what else? Fresh food for our beloved dogs and cats!


Well, little did we know that not only would Freshpet get a mention (hooray!), but that Dr. Katy would spend the morning hanging out with Olympic Champions and dog-lovers Gus Kenworthy, Joss Christensen and Nick Goepper. And some adorable rescue pups ready for adoption!

We can always count on Kathie Lee and Hoda for a lot of fun, but with these three in the mix, anything could happen. Well, hilarity did in fact ensue when all three of the boys started chowing down on Freshpet.

Watch the clip below to see all of the excitement:

As a bonus, here is Olympian Gus Kenworthy eating Dog Joy Turkey Bacon… in gif form.

Olympians Eating Dog Food


And don’t forget- if you haven’t taken the #FeedFresh Pledge, you can still do so to get a coupon for free fresh dog food and fresh cat food!

Dr. Katy Answers More of YOUR Fur-Kid Questions!



With so many great fur-kid questions, Dr. Katy has come back to help with what you’d like to know regarding your fur-kids. In response to your questions from Monday, please see her answers below!

If your question was chosen by Dr. Katy, please send us a private message on Facebook to receive your Freshpet goodie!


Freshpet parent Jodi H. asks…  I have a seven-year-old boxer that has recently been diagnosed with high cholesterol. Just wondering if the Freshet diet she is on and the Freshpet treats are high in fat?

High cholesterol in dogs is not necessarily a diagnosis of a problem, but more of a part of a work up of disease. Cholesterol levels are used to supplement the diagnosis of hypothyroidism, liver disease, Cushing’s disease (an adrenal gland disorder) and diabetes. Triglycerides are much more of a problem in pets than cholesterol, and should be assessed in your pet if you have concerns. Diet is not directly linked to cholesterol levels in dogs, as it is in people, but in situations where triglycerides are elevated, dietary therapy can be used to help lower them.


Freshpet parent Tiffany asks… Dr. Nelson, I have a neutered male cat and understand that urinary tract infections are common. I feed him only Freshpet.  Do you have any recommendations as to how I can prevent a future infection?

Actually, urinary tract infections are not as common in male cats as they are in female cats. If your cat has appeared to have a UTI in the past, what you are more than likely seeing are occasional flare-ups of Feline Idiopathic Cystitis, or Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD).

At times of flare-ups, treatment should be instituted by a veterinarian to control symptoms and prevent them from progressing. A variety of therapeutics have been found to be effective, so work with your veterinarian to determine the therapy that is right for your kitty.

But as you pointed out in your question, an important part of treatment of FLUTD is prevention of further episodes.  Diet plays a huge role in this.  Cats typically do not drink a sufficient amount of water to keep their urine diluted.  Therefore, a fresh moist food is considered ideal as these foods are higher in water content than kibble alternatives and tend to lead to more diluted urine.


Freshpet parent Aejin asks… What can I do to improve the condition of dog’s teeth?

Just like in people, there is no substitute to brushing your dog’s teeth for prevention of periodontal disease. Studies have shown that a minimum of three times a week is needed to prevent tartar build-up, but daily is required to reverse gingivitis. There are numerous products out there to make the process easier for you and your pet:  finger brushes, regular soft-bristled brushes, flavored toothpastes (do NOT use human toothpaste with fluoride), etc. Chew toys vary in efficacy, and with severe dental disease are not advised, as teeth can be weakened and could potentially break.  Bones and other hard toys are discouraged in these situations, as well.

Regular, anesthetized prophylactic cleanings done in your veterinarian’s office are the very best way to get a thorough cleaning of the teeth, and are the only way to clean below the gum line, where the most dangerous bacteria tend to gather. Talk with your veterinarian to learn more about this process, and to have a dental exam done on your pet.


Freshpet parent Rob asks… My cat can only eat food without wheat in it. I feed him Freshpet, but he’s having trouble with hairballs. Is there a supplement I can give him to help with this issue? Something natural, perhaps?

Without having additional information, I can advise only up to a point. Hairballs are often blamed for a variety of actual diseases, and the reason so many hairball remedies are considered “ineffective” is because frequently they’re being used to treat something that is a symptom, rather than addressing the real problem.

We really need to clarify the difference between coughing and vomiting when we begin a work up for ‘hairballs’ in cats. In my opinion, it’s a lot easier (and cheaper) to start by giving your kitty a lion cut.  If the vomiting decreases, or ceases, with elimination of the hair, then you’ve got your answer and your solution all at once.  However, if the vomiting persists with the absence of hair, then it’s time to talk with your veterinarian about instituting a work up to find what is troubling your kitty.

Tots and Pups Updated Photo

We’re On Team Cuddle…Are You?

We couldn’t be more excited to announce our newest contest: Team Cuddle!


Inspired by the adorable cuddling duo Theo and Beau that has taken the Internet by storm, we’ve partnered with Momma’s Gone City and Mommy Shorts to bring you the search for the cutest cuddling photo…and we want you to join in on the fun!


Team Cuddle is a celebration of the moments of love that we share with our families, which of course includes our pups and kitties, too. Nothing beats snuggling on the couch with your kids and pup, or your kitty nuzzling up against you when you wake up in the morning.


And it’s moments like these that remind us just how lucky we are to have all of this love in our lives. As we’ve seen with Theo and Beau, these moments make for beautiful photos to capture and share with others.


So, Freshpet fans, grab your cameras or dig up some old photos, and get into the cuddling mindset as part of Team Cuddle!




Here’s How it Works:


We have four downright adorable categories for you to enter, including the following:

Kiddos and Kittens  |  Tots and Pups  |  Sibling Snuggle  |  Family Cuddle

Team Cuddle Blog Collage


Starting today, grab your best cuddling photo that you feel fits into one of the categories above and enter in any of the following ways:
  • Post your favorite cuddling photos to the Mommy Shorts Facebook page
  • Tag your cuddling photo on Instagram using #FreshpetTeamCuddle, and be sure to tag @Freshpet @MommyShorts and @MommagsGoneCity to enter!
  • Or, email your entry to Just be sure to mention which category you’d like to enter :)


When you submit your entry, don’t forget to include the first names of all of the family members involved (including your pets, too) in order to be eligible to win. But be sure to enter before midnight on March 3rd, as we’ll be announcing the cutest cuddling moments as our Freshpet Team Cuddle Finalists the following morning. ** And note that you’re only allowed one entry per category, so make sure it counts!


And the fun doesn’t stop there. We’ll need your help in choosing our favorite entries, who will be named either one of our Category Winners or, better yet, the Grand Prize Winner, so be sure to “Like” your favorite entries in the Mommy Shorts Facebook album! If your photo proves to be too cute to handle, you might win any of the following prizes:

  • The Grand Prize Winner will receive a cash gift card in the amount of $1,000
  • Four Category Winners will receive a cash gift card in the amount of $250
  • The winners of the “Kiddos and Kittens” and “Tots and Pups” categories will also receive Freshpet Prize Packs, stuffed with Freshpet food, treats, t-shirts, coupons and more!
We’re just getting started and we can’t wait to update you more all about this lovable contest. So grab your loved ones and get cuddling for what is sure to be a fun-filled next few weeks!
Jude Facebook Picture

How A Stray Named Jude Found His Appetite, and Spirit, With Freshpet

The following is a story that is sure to warm your heart.


We are proud to introduce Lateefa, who has been involved in the veterinary community for over 20 years. With a heart as big as gold, Lateefa couldn’t help but beam as she described her story to us…


Last August, Lateefa was at the Redbank Veterinary Hospital in New Jersey for a client visit when she bumped into the head doctor of the facility. It had been a few years since her last pup, a German Shepherd / Collie mix, and she was finally coming around to inviting another into her home. “I’m thinking about fostering a German Shepherd!” she told the doctor. “Oh geez, don’t do it. You know better than anyone else how exhausting it can be. Are you sure you’re ready?” he replied.


But there had been an absence of love in her house without a pup, and besides, “If I was going to foster a dog, it’d have to be a dog that really needs me and my expertise, right?” thought Lateefa. And so, she decided to give the gift of her love and care to a pup in need.


Lateefa knew that whatever dog she ended up fostering, it was likely that food was going to be an important factor on the road to recovery. So, the doctor at Redbank connected her with Dr. Lisa Weeth, a leading veterinary nutritionist at the hospital who could help advise on the proper food to get her future foster dog eating again.


As it turns out, Dr. Lisa Weeth was one of the nutritionists who helped create the original Freshpet formula. To this day, we still work closely with Dr. Weeth on ingredients, nutritional consultation and recipe ideas to ensure your dogs and cats are getting everything that they need.


See where this story is headed?


Enter Jude. Jude was picked up as a stray on the streets of Helmetta, New Jersey. Jude was believed to be an eight-year-old German Shepherd, weighing in at a dangerously frail 50 pounds – half the healthy body weight for his breed and age. Jude found his way to the Garden State German Shepherd Rescue (GSGSR) in Millburn, New Jersey. A few days later, Lateefa got the call.


Jude Beginning


Having been told about Jude’s condition, Lateefa was nervous and hopeful that she was up to the task. Jude was pretty much barren of any fur from his rib cage to his tail, with a bulging spine from malnutrition. Lateefa had been told by GSGSR that Jude was struggling to eat, but with Dr. Lisa Weeth’s advice about feeding Freshpet in mind, Lateefa was optimistic.


At 2pm on August 8th, 2013, Lateefa met GSGSR to pick up Jude, and braced herself as they opened the car door.


Right away, she thought to herself, “Oh my God…he’s got Mange, too.” Aside from a lack of fur, decrepit body and wounded morale, Jude couldn’t receive physical affection because of his lesions.


While he may have looked at Lateefa with the gentlest eyes you can imagine, “In 31 years, I have never seen a dog as emotionally broken as Jude,” uttered Lateefa. He seemed eager to get into her car, and from there the two drove home together.


Lateefa simply tried to make Jude comfortable for the first few days. With Dr. Weeth’s nutritional advice in mind, a low-fat, high-protein, high-fiber diet was just what Jude would need to find his appetite and put on body weight to aid in his physical and emotional recovery. So, Lateefa pulled out a roll of Freshpet Vital Beef and Bison from the fridge and waited with anticipation to see if Jude would take to it.


Within minutes, the dog that struggled to eat while at GSGSR took right to his new fresh, all natural food. “I love the fact that Freshpet is a natural diet,” says Lateefa, “and for the first few weeks I would feed him ¼ pound of Freshpet with a boiled egg and rice six times a day, just to get his weight up.” Finally, Jude was getting into a healthy eating routine.


It didn’t take long for Lateefa to begin to notice a change in her Jude.


Jude - Eating FP


“I genuinely believe that it was his love for food, his Freshpet, that brought him out of his broken state,” says Lateefa. Jude’s favorite Beef and Bison, along with Lateefa’s amazing communication and one-on-one interaction, is what boosted Jude’s weight and lifted his spirit.


With Jude eating again, Lateefa got another stroke of luck early in her fostering of Jude. Lateefa had kept in touch with the GSGSR to let them know how Jude had been doing, and was so pleasantly surprised to hear that Freshpet had recently donated over 800 pounds of Vital dog food to their shelter. “We haven’t had to buy a roll yet, all of Jude’s food has been donated from Freshpet,” remarks Lateefa. “He’s absolutely in love with beef and bison – he freakin’ loves it!” In fact, Jude loves his Freshpet rolls so much that he won’t touch kibble if Lateefa tries to mix it in, “He just picks out the Freshpet.”


Today, Jude is now over 90 pounds, with a full coat and is finally showing his true personality. “He barks at the deer now – that’s a sound I wasn’t sure he would even make,” says Lateefa.


Jude Montage


The former stray who suffered from physical and emotional heartbreak, with signs of obvious physical abuse from previous owners, now runs and wines and jumps and nudges you for attention…and his food.


“He’s now such a foodie,” says Lateefa, “so much of his happiness came from his food. I really think his Freshpet made all the difference.”


Today, Jude is available for adoption and looking for a forever home that can provide him with the same love and care that Lateefa has so generously given. Thank you Lateefa and GSGSR for the amazing work you’ve done to get Jude back to his normal self, and we can’t wait to hear more about how Jude is doing in the near future!


Do you have a Freshpet Story you’d like to share? Or do you want to learn more about how we work with shelters across the country? Write a review of your favorite Freshpet recipe or visit our Charitable Donations page at


Puppies in Super Bowl Commercials

Our Favorite Super Bowl Commercials Featuring Puppies!

The Big Game may have been a bit boring, but many of the commercials during the Super Bowl were anything but!


And if there’s any one thing we took away from last night’s TV ads, it was that we were reminded of the Power of the Pup. Several of last night’s most popular commercials involved puppies – and we loved it!


Which one was your favorite, Freshpet fans?


“Gracie” - This little girl knows how to bargain.



“What Can You Do With #nocontract?” So…whatever happened to those puppies that Tim Tebow saved? Can we have them please?



“Slow Bark” – Many of us saw CarMax’s Slow Clap commercial last night. But, did you know that they re-enacted it with only puppies? We can’t stop watching it!



“Time Machine” - We wouldn’t necessarily recommend feeding Doritos to your pup, but it was cute nonetheless ;)



5. Doritos’ “Cowboy Kid” – Is there something about dogs and Doritos that we’re unaware of?



“Doberhuahua” - We’ve heard of some adorably awesome mixed breeds, but this was a first!



“Puppy Love” - This one’s got everyone talking this morning. Pass the Kleenex!



Did we miss a Super Bowl commercial featuring either a pup or kitty? Let us know in the comments below!

Puppy Twitter 7

6 Puppies Who Wore Pharrell’s Hat Better than Pharrell

Last night was Grammy night, and one of the biggest winners wasn’t just Pharrell: it was his hat. To celebrate such awesome head wear, we’re taking a fresh look at the hat of the evening, and sharing six puppies who rocked his look. Because, puppies!


Check out our fashion-forward pups below.


1. Buster’s look is all about style. From the hat’s hue perfectly matching his fur-tone, to the brightly colored Bandana, Buster knows how to make his look stand out. “I chose a yellow-toned bandana because it makes my eyes pop. Or so Mom says!”


Puppy Twitter 7


2. Candice proves that female pups can wear hats too, and wear it she does. “The Grammys were all about breaking down gender roles this year,” she says. “Why can’t a lady wear a hat… or a suit like Madonna?” We certainly agree!


Puppy Twitter 1


3. “Pharrell’s hat seamlessly transitions from the warm weather in LA to the cool east coast winter with ease,” says Scout. “Plus, I can store extra treats in here for when I’m hungry later.”Puppy Twitter 2


4. Peaches is less than enthused by Pharrell’s hat’s new fame. “I don’t know what all the big deal is,” he says. “I’ve been wearing this hat since Dad found it in a thrift shop, which was at least 10 meals ago.”Puppy Twitter 4


5. Boss finds  Pharrell’s hat is more of a utility than a fashion statement. “I need to protect my eyes from the sun, and I find it keeps my drool from overheating. If you know anything about drool, you know what I mean.” We sure do, Boss.


Puppy Twitter 5


6. Finally, Beau thinks his hat makes him look just as cool as Pharrell. “I’ve always loved Pharrell, I love his song Happy, and now I love his hat. Plus, the ladies really go crazy for it. That and my puppy dog eyes.”


Puppy Twitter 3


We hope that you enjoyed our Pups – who do YOU think wore it best? Tell us in the comments!