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An update from Gus Kenworthy and the Sochi Pups

Our good friends at Bark Post wrote this wonderful piece about how Freshpet is powering the Sochi Pups to a happier, healthier life. We loved it so much we wanted to share it with you. You can find the original post here. Enjoy this update on the Sochi Pups!

Slopestyle skiier Gus Kenworthy captured the nation’s attention when he took home the silver medal from Sochi, but when he brought home two pups and their mom, he captured our hearts as well! He not only raised world-wide awareness for the issue of adoption, but now he’s given his former Sochi strays a fresh start in life – in more ways than one!


As an athlete, Gus understands that what he puts into his body matters. Hello, you’re not going to win an Olympic medal on a steady diet of fast food and raw cookie dough (yeah…who… eats tubes of cookie dough?). The same goes for dogs! So, Kenworthy has teamed up with Freshpet to help his pups start out their new lives on the right paw- nutritionally speaking. Whatta dad!


Dog food can be chock-full of preservatives, fillers, meat meals, and animal by-products (a.k.a everything that’s left over). Gross. Not for these Sochi pups, thanks. They’ve had it ruff enough. Part of their Fresh Start in their new home is a new diet. Locally-sourced meat, vegetables, and allergy-friendly grains are cooked at low temperatures at the Freshpet Kitchens to lock in nutrients. But, all pups know about it is: “OMG THE HOOMANS OPENED THAT COLD BOX, AND THE TASTIEST THING I’VE EVER LAID SNOUT ON IS ABOUT TO COME OUT!”

sochi pups eating

Besides the ick-factor, subpar foods do not optimally power your pup. Eating fresh means a shiner coat, improved digestion, and more energy! In fact, Jake, Mishka, and Mama are even able to keep up with their pop’s Olympic training regimen. Check it out!

A fresh start means a longer, happier life with Gus and more Instagram antics for us! ;)


You can track the pooches’ pawgress along with Gus to see how eating fresh changes their lives by going to Fresh Start. You can also give your own pup a fresh start! Take advantage of a special Fresh Start offer, downloadable scorecard to track your pet’s nutritional pawgress, and veterinary tips. Freshpet believes every pup deserves to be happy and healthy, so for every Fresh Start, they will donate $1 to Humane Society International.

This post was sponsored by our canine cuisine connoisseurs at Freshpet!

All photos via Gus Kenworthy

Acts of Kindness #8: Get Well, Beau!

The pet community is comprised of some of the most supportive and caring people around. That’s why this week’s Act of Kindness involves not just us, but every single one of you!


We met Wade and his pup Beau after they wrote to us saying how much Beau loved his new Freshpet Select recipes after discovering it at their local grocery. After trying Freshpet for the first time, the picky eater in Beau was gone and they haven’t looked back since.


Unfortunately, Wade wrote to us again recently saying that Beau had fallen ill. Beau is in the best of care, with his vet and his dad Wade right by his side. But he’s battling a tough infection, and things aren’t looking good at the moment. Wade has shown tremendous resilience, but he cares so much for his Beau and doesn’t want to lose him. He’s keeping up hope, and has asked that we keep him and Beau in our thoughts and prayers as he fights the infection.


So, that’s where you come in!


We want to show Wade and Beau that the Freshpet community is pulling for him! Share your well wishes for them in the comments, and we’ll make sure they hear each and every single one of them. Together, we’ll all let Beau know that we’re standing right behind him in his time of need.


If you know of a pet or family member who deserves an Act of Kindness, we want to hear from you! Email us at, or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter. See you next week!



Acts of Kindness #7: Prairie Paws Animal Shelter

Nothing makes us happier than helping other pet lovers in any way shape form that we can. We’re lucky to have made so many great friends in the pet community that love helping animals just as much as we do. The good people at Prairie Paws Animal Shelter are an extraordinary bunch that we’ve known for quite some time and are always happy to send a few boxes of our recipes to.


Prairie Paws is a state-of-the-art shelter located in Ottawa, Kansas, and has been providing care for animals for over 60 years. That’s right, 60 years! Bea Martin Peck, the founder of  Prarie Paws was a lifelong animal lover and helped build the facility in 1949. She and her group of supporters did a lot of wonderful work that continues to this day.


Now, Prairie Paws is a private non-profit shelter that operates by the same principles it was founded with: they never euthanize for space. Every single animal that walks through their doors are given a second chance at finding a permanent home.


We are so proud and happy to have a great relationship with the good people at Prairie Paws. This past spring, we sent over a few boxes of our Vital and Nature’s Fresh recipes to the shelter for their animals to enjoy. Vicki Whitacre, one of the volunteers sent over a few great photos of the pets. As you can see, they were too busy enjoying the food to look at the camera! Every single one of the animals had nothing but rave reviews for our food, which we couldn’t be happier about! We look forward to the next time we can help these great people.


If you know of a pet or family member who deserves an Act of Kindness, we want to hear from you! Email us at, or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter. See you next week!



Acts of Kindness #5: A Very Greyhound Picnic

We’re fortunate to have so many allies in our mission to bring fresh food to pets everywhere. These men and women are behind the rescue centers, non-profit organizations, foster homes and other organizations. They are just as dedicated as we are and do wonderful things every day simply because they love pets. And we want to recognize these men and women for the wonderful work that they do. In this week’s Act of Kindness we introduce you to a very special rescue organization: Greytful Hearts Greyhound Rescue.


Paula and her husband Erik have been greyhound lovers for the past 21 years. Their love for the dogs has been such a big part of their lives that they founded their own rescue organization in 2010: Greytful Hearts Greyhound Rescue, located in Hamburg, PA, and dedicated the group to the memory of Flo, their very first greyhound. Their goal is to place retired ex-racing greyhounds into permanent, loving homes. In addition to having 8 greyhounds of their own, Paula and Erik can foster anywhere between 2-6 foster dogs in their own home! Their dedication to their greyhounds is really incredible.


Greytful Hearts has always been a wonderful friend to Freshpet, and they love to feed their dogs our recipes. Currently, the favorite in the house has been our Vital Grain Free Beef and Bison rolls. Which the greyhounds have been eating right up!


This past June, Paula and Erik decided to throw a little “family reunion” for the greyhounds they have at home and the ones that had been adopted. It was a fun-filled picnic, held in Bubeck Park in nearby Schuylkill Haven. Food and drinks for the humans were served. And as for the dogs? We donated a catering platter of our Meatball Mix-ins and Ready-to-Bake Cookies for them to enjoy. As you can see from the picture, Hudson couldn’t wait to get his paws on the food. The party itself was a hit. All the parents and pups loved reuniting during a beautiful afternoon, and by the end there was hardly any food to spare. Paula and Erik are already planning the next reunion!


If you know of a pet or family member who deserves an Act of Kindness, we want to hear from you! Email us at, or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter. You can follow all of our acts on our Tumblr page. See you next week!



Protecting Our Pets from the Sun

Remember this nostalgic tune?



Well, we agree. Everyone IS free to wear sunscreen this summer. And in the case of your pets, we encourage it. If your pet loves to sunbathe or play in the summer sun, make sure to apply sunblock to sensitive areas like her nose, stomach, and tips of ears. Sunburn’s no fun for our furry friends. As always, consult your vet on which sunscreen is safe for your pet. Enjoy your fun in the sun!


Fresh and Happy Dogs – Gus Kenworthy and the Sochi Pups are Feeding Fresh

The Sochi pups are well on their way to a Fresh Start. Gus has been keeping us diligently updated on their progress, and we’re seeing some happy, healthy dogs that are looking better and better.  But don’t take our word for it, here’s the latest update from Gus:


“It’s already been a few weeks since we started feeding Freshpet’s recipes to the dogs. They absolutely love the food. It’s getting to the point where I’m followed to the fridge every time I go to the kitchen. They know where I keep the good stuff!


They’re fans of everything that I have fed them, but they are really into the Freshpet Select Chicken Vegetable and Rice recipe. A full meal lasts about 3 seconds before the dogs lick the plate clean. They were already great at eating, but I’ve never seen them actually enjoy their food like this.


And talk about their energy levels! Mama, Jake and Mishka have never been more vibrant. Playtime, walks and runs are their favorite thing in the world. They love to be outside more than anything and I can really see how happy it makes them. And they are looking great on the outside as well. They were already good looking dogs, but their coats are shinier than ever and their eyes are nice and clean.


It’s been a real pleasure to be able to give these special dogs what they deserve. It’s crazy to think that just a few months ago they were living a much different life. But I’m proud that we’ve been able change their lives for the better. “


Don’t forget to give your pet the Fresh Start they deserve, too! Get started here. With each participant in the program, we’ll make a $1 donation to the Humane Society International to help more pups like Mama, Mishka and Jake.