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Acts of Kindness #4: Zane the Great Dane

Acts of Kindness

We’re so proud to be members of a community of pets and parents that told us their amazing stories. One thing we really love hearing about is the incredible tales of revitalization that our families share with us. The resilience that these pets and people have is inspiring. We keep these people and pets in our minds every day as we work hard at our…



Freshpet Acts of Kindness #3: Home for Life

Acts of Kindness

Freshpet Acts of Kindness #3: Home for Life   Our mission of bringing the power of fresh food to pets takes shape in many ways. Each day, we work hard to do what’s best for the pets in our families, the people who love them, and the planet that we live on. Each week, a member of our Freshpet family will be doing something to…

Acts of Kindness 3