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Real Pet Parents Share Their Stories With Us

Pet Videos, Tails of Good

Since we started Freshpet, we’ve received so many letters from pet parents about their pet’s experience with fresh food. Many of these stories bring so much meaning to why we do what we do each day. Whether they are transformational stories about changes in health and energy, or stories of pets excited to try new food, each brings a smile, laugh or sometimes a tear…



What to Pack for a Day in the #FreshOutdoors

Pet Parent Tips

The crisp fall weather is one of our favorite times of the year.  It’s cool enough for us and our pets to endure outside activities for longer periods of time, and the sun is still shining to keep us warm. So there’s no better time to grab your gear and go for a hike with the family and the dog.   If you’re planning to go on…



Thank You to Dorothy and All The Hardworking K9s

Tails of Good

When Dorothy Holmes reached out to tell us about donations for her local K9 unit we were absolutely touched. But after finding out that she was the mom of five dogs, one cat and a parrot, we weren’t surprised by her love of animals.   Moving into a second month now, police forces and their K9 units have been on a manhunt for Eric Frein, the man believed to have killed…