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Follow CatTipper’s Fridge Challenge

Dr. Katy, Fridge Challenge 2

Featured: CatTipper Reflects on Seven Days Without the “Magical Fridge”     Today marks the end of our seven-day #FridgeChallenge, the challenge put forth by Freshpet to bloggers to live without the refrigerator for seven days. (Pets were exempt from the challenge but we weren’t allowed to use the refrigerator for our own items.)   How did it go? Well, let’s just say we are…

FFC - Cat Tipper

DogSplendor Takes the Fridge Challenge

Fridge Challenge 2

Featured: After the Challenge, DogSplendor Believes in Fresh for All!     This past week I’ve been sharing insights from my participation in the Freshpet Fridge Challenge. The challenge was established to bring attention to the importance of fresh foods in your dog’s diet. And while my dogs didn’t go without fresh food for the length of this challenge, I did, and let me just say,…

FFC - Dog Splendor