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What’s In A Fur-Kid’s Name?

Freshpet Holiday

We love hearing all sorts of stories about your fur-kids. Every time you share pictures of their birthdays, reviews about their favorite recipes, or just general updates on how they’re doing, it reminds us of the amazing group of Freshpet parents we have.   But it’s often not just the stories about your fur-kids that catch our eye; it’s their names, too!   So, over the…

Blog - What's in a Name?


Dr. Katy: Prepping Your Pet for 2014!

Freshpet Holiday

With the holiday season having come and gone, we have so much to look forward to with a brand new year ahead!   You’re not alone if you may have indulged a little too much in tasty food and drinks over the holidays as you were enjoying the time with family and friends. While it can be easy for us to head to the gym…

Walking Dog in Snow