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How To Guide: Feeding & Storing Freshpet

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One of the great things about Freshpet recipes is that they’re easy to prepare and serve, taking the hassle out of cooking for your pup or kitty.   Just reach into the fridge, grab your Freshpet roll, bag or tub and serve to your furball within seconds. But while it’s easy to do this, there are a many different styles and techniques on serving these…

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Dr. Katy: Making the Most of Your Vet Visit

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When ABC’s 20/20 program aired a TV segment in November titled “Is Your Veterinarian Being Honest With You?” it left much of the pet community buzzing with questions and concerns.   As we all know, trust in the relationship between pet parent and veterinarian is extremely important. The idea that some veterinarians may have pushed unnecessary services onto pets to make additional money is frightening! But as…

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What’s In A Fur-Kid’s Name?

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We love hearing all sorts of stories about your fur-kids. Every time you share pictures of their birthdays, reviews about their favorite recipes, or just general updates on how they’re doing, it reminds us of the amazing group of Freshpet parents we have.   But it’s often not just the stories about your fur-kids that catch our eye; it’s their names, too!   So, over the…

Blog - What's in a Name?