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Two Little Cavaliers Tries Week Without Fridge

Fridge Challenge 2

Featured: Two Little Cavs’ Busy Schedule Means More of the Pantry     To bring awareness to the fact that we rely so heavily on our refrigerators, the Freshpet #FridgeChallenge makes us take a step back and think about just how often we open the fridge door to pull something fresh, healthy, and nutritious out. When opening the fridge, we often do so without thinking…

FFC - Two Little Cavs

Keep the Tail Wagging Forgoes the Fridge

Fridge Challenge 2

Featured: No Fridge Feels Like “Super Size Me” I am blogging on behalf of Freshpet and I received compensation for my time for sharing my experience and views on the Freshpet Fridge Challenge; all my views are my own.      Yummmm! Not the healthiest meal, but I’ll take a couple bites.  Just not 2x a day, every day.   Over on Keep the Tail Wagging,…

FFC - Two Little Cavs Featured Photo

Kol’s Notes Goes Fridge-Free

Dr. Katy, Fridge Challenge 2

Featured: Mama Seems Like a Slug On Her New Diet     It’s Day 6 of Mama’s Freshpet Fridge Challenge and, let me tell you, we are ready for this little experiment to be OVER.   One of my favourite things about my Mama is that she’s so full of energy. She’s always up to go for a walk, to throw the ball around for…

FFC - Kol's Notes