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DogSplendor Takes the Fridge Challenge

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Featured: After the Challenge, DogSplendor Believes in Fresh for All!     This past week I’ve been sharing insights from my participation in the Freshpet Fridge Challenge. The challenge was established to bring attention to the importance of fresh foods in your dog’s diet. And while my dogs didn’t go without fresh food for the length of this challenge, I did, and let me just say,…

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Dr. Katy Answers More of Your Questions about your pups and kitties

Dr. Katy

  With so many great questions about pups and kitties from Monday’s Mini-Challenge, Dr. Katy has answered three more below. If your question was chosen by Dr. Katy, please send us a private message on Facebook to receive your Freshpet goodie!   Freshpet parent Tiffany asks… Dr. Nelson, I have a neutered male cat and understand that urinary tract infections are common. I feed him only…

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Lille Punkin’ Takes on the Fridge Challenge

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Featured: With Fridge Broken, Lille Punkin’s Challenge Was All Too Real     The following is part of a series of content in partnership with Freshpet! Opinions are my own. Awhile back, we told you about our dead fridge and how we were going to be taking a week with no cold food.  Well, that week turned into a week and a half. I was not…

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