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Fresh food isn’t the only way to help your dog or cat get the most out of life. From bathing tips to health-related info, find out the latest pet-related news and stories on our blog.


A Closer Look At The Freshpet Team

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Day to day operations at Freshpet range from making sure our foods are of the highest quality, to answering your questions on Facebook, to sending out refrigerators to various grocery and pet specialty stores. But even though all of us at the office have different roles, titles, and responsibilities, we all have one thing in common: our core belief that pets deserve to eat fresh,…



Fun Tips For Freshpet Dog Cookies

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My dog loves Freshpet Ready to Bake Cookies just as they are: freshly baked mounds of doggie goodness! (Dog Joy Peanut Butter & Oatmeal are his favorite). But sometimes, I like to jazz them up a bit, either before or after baking. Check out these fun ways to add a personal touch to your dog’s cookies, along with some fun ways to serve them! Fun Ways…



Finding Time To Exercise with Your Dog

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It can be difficult to find time to take a walk outside with your pooch when you’re juggling the work/life balance. It does not mean that our dogs have to become unhealthy though. Here are some time-saving ideas so that you can cycle, play fetch, go out for a run, or do some other form of exercise with your dog. Skip The Gym - If you go…