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Meet Our Patriotic Pets: Muneca

Behind the Scenes, Dogs

Last month, we introduced Freshpet TV celebrity Beacon, the Boston Terrier. He was a rambunctious pup with a huge heart and was a blast to have on set. But lovable pets come in all different shapes and sizes. That being said, we couldn’t wait to introduce the beautiful Muneca, an elegant Weimaraner with gorgeous blue eyes. Let’s just say she turned heads when filming!  …



A Cat’s Second Chance At Life

Tails of Good

Everyday, there are amazing pet lovers and pet parents doing remarkable things to help rescue pups and kitties around the world. Here at Freshpet, we believe that every pet deserves a great home. That’s why we donate thousands of pounds of dog food each year to local animal shelters. However, it’s the shelter volunteers, employees and friends that are the real heroes. So when Kathy…



Meet Our Patriotic Pets: Beacon

Behind the Scenes, Dogs

Last month, we introduced Jackson – one of the stars of our new TV commercials. If you haven’t seen our commercial  yet, you can view it here. But now, we’re so excited to introduce one of Jackson’s co-stars and a Freshpet favorite: Beacon! She packs a lot of love for a small pooch and has really made an impression. Mom’s Name: Laura Trainer’s Name: Laura Breed: Boston…