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How Do You Keep Your Professional Puppy Busy?

Deuce's favorite things, Fresh Living, healthy dogs

Deuce loves to go to the Freshpet office with me, but he’s still a high-energy puppy. He loves Freshpet’s new Fresh Bones, Sweet Potato Treats and Fresh Chews but neither of us can just snack all day. (By the way, the two-legged Freshpet employees always have a selection of healthy snacks in the kitchen, too! I’m partial to grapes and watermelon, myself!) Having Deuce in the…



Getting to Know You. Getting to Know All About You.

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(Now you’ve got that song stuck in your head. Sorry about that! ) We know that Freshpet’s fans are our kind of people. You care about your animals like we do…like they’re part of the family! Please tell us why you feed your dogs and cats fresh food on our Facebook page or our Twitter feed. Feedback, suggestions and photos from people who feed their…


Meet the Dogs, Ace and Deuce

Deuce's favorite things, Freshpet friends, healthy dogs, training

If you’re anything like me, sometimes you’re more interested in pets than people. So, meet my guys, Ace and Deuce. Ace was a golden retriever we adopted from a shelter when he was just 8 weeks old. A certified therapy dog who visited hospice patients, he was our practice baby, a much-loved hospital volunteer and my firstborn child…just the best boy. Sadly, he was diagnosed with lymphoma…