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Happy National Dog Day!


Our dogs play important roles in our lives. They work selflessly to comfort us, keep us safe, and make us laugh and smile every single day. We always appreciate them, but today for National Dog Day we want to spread our love of dogs as far as it can go. This video greeting card is a little token of our never-ending appreciation for our pups….

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6 Puppies Who Wore Pharrell’s Hat Better than Pharrell


Last night was Grammy night, and one of the biggest winners wasn’t just Pharrell: it was his hat. To celebrate such awesome head wear, we’re taking a fresh look at the hat of the evening, and sharing six puppies who rocked his look. Because, puppies!   Check out our fashion-forward pups below.   1. Buster’s look is all about style. From the hat’s hue perfectly…

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How To Guide: Feeding & Storing Freshpet


One of the great things about Freshpet recipes is that they’re easy to prepare and serve, taking the hassle out of cooking for your pup or kitty.   Just reach into the fridge, grab your Freshpet roll, bag or tub and serve to your furball within seconds. But while it’s easy to do this, there are a many different styles and techniques on serving these…

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Dr. Katy: Making the Most of Your Vet Visit


When ABC’s 20/20 program aired a TV segment in November titled “Is Your Veterinarian Being Honest With You?” it left much of the pet community buzzing with questions and concerns.   As we all know, trust in the relationship between pet parent and veterinarian is extremely important. The idea that some veterinarians may have pushed unnecessary services onto pets to make additional money is frightening! But as…

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Dr. Katy: Prepping Your Pet for 2014!


With the holiday season having come and gone, we have so much to look forward to with a brand new year ahead!   You’re not alone if you may have indulged a little too much in tasty food and drinks over the holidays as you were enjoying the time with family and friends. While it can be easy for us to head to the gym…

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Tune Into Freshpet’s Holiday Playlist!


This year, when we started gearing up for the holidays, it wasn’t until we began to hear our favorite holiday tunes on the radio that we really got into the spirit.   There’s something about listening to that one Chanukkah or Christmas song that brings back fond memories with friends and family and puts a smile on your face. So, we thought it’d be great…



Bringing Your Pet into the Holiday Fun


One of the best parts of the holidays are getting to spend so much time with friends and family.   Maybe it’s sitting by the fire and laughing about past holiday memories, or cooking together in the kitchen for the whole family that brings joy to you and your loved ones. And while we each show our love for friends and family in different ways,…

The perfect holiday treat for your pups!


Holiday DIY Cheer!

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Happy Holidays! We’re really looking forward to the long weekend, and for some of us, a holiday break through the new year. This can be a great time to enjoy with family and friends, especially with the kids home from school. If you’re like we are, you may be looking for a few DIY activities to do from the comfort of home while sipping on…



Dr. Katy’s Tips for a Happy, Healthy Holiday Season

Dr. Katy, Holiday, Pet Parent Tips

Happy Holidays from Freshpet! As you’re preparing your home for upcoming celebrations, don’t forget these tips from veterinarian Dr. Katy Nelson to keep your pets safe, healthy and happy this holiday season. Decorations Decorating the house is one of the most delightful traditions this time of year, but Christmas trees can present hazards to pets that are drawn to the lights, tinsel, and ornaments. Ensure your tree…



Holiday Travel with Freshpet Food

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Thanksgiving is almost upon us, which means the holiday season is officially beginning. With the holidays comes a busy travel schedule as we celebrate with friends and family. We are often asked the best ways to travel with Freshpet food, so we’ve compiled a few options for those planning to bring their fur kiddos along for the ride.   Stock up on fresh food once…