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After Her Fridge Challenge, Dr. Katy Urges Fresh for All

Dr. Katy, Fridge Challenge

Watch as Dr. Katy reflects on her Fridge Challenge week and the importance for all in eating fresh to stay healthy Well, we survived it! The Nelson family’s Freshpet Fridge Challenge is complete! Woohoo!!!   We made it an entire week without our refrigerator, and we are ALL looking forward to having our favorite fresh items at the crack of dawn tomorrow! The kiddos can’t…



Dr. Katy On Day Two of Life Without the Fridge

Dr. Katy, Fridge Challenge

  Today was a better day in the Freshpet Fridge Challenge!  By spending a little time in the grocery store today, I was able to buy some fresh fruits and vegetables that don’t require refrigeration, and I got some great fresh meats and veggies for dinner. While going to the grocery store can be great, having to do this everyday without a fridge would be…

Dr. Katy Veggies