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Bringing the Joy of a Holiday Feast to Rescue Pets

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  At Freshpet, we believe that our pets deserve fresh, real food just like we do. With the holidays coming up, we felt even more inspired by our mission. We’re fortunate enough to celebrate the holiday season with friends and family around the dinner table, delighting in fresh, delicious meals. So this year, we decided to bring this timeless tradition to our furry families as…



Real Pet Parents Share Their Stories With Us

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Since we started Freshpet, we’ve received so many letters from pet parents about their pet’s experience with fresh food. Many of these stories bring so much meaning to why we do what we do each day. Whether they are transformational stories about changes in health and energy, or stories of pets excited to try new food, each brings a smile, laugh or sometimes a tear…



Our Favorite Super Bowl Commercials Featuring Puppies!

Pet Videos

The Big Game may have been a bit boring, but many of the commercials during the Super Bowl were anything but!   And if there’s any one thing we took away from last night’s TV ads, it was that we were reminded of the Power of the Pup. Several of last night’s most popular commercials involved puppies – and we loved it!   Which one…

Puppies in Super Bowl Commercials


Because Pets Are Family

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We asked people to help us tell the Freshpet story.  What is Freshpet?  Why is fresh best for your pet? We received great responses, some goofy, and some thought provoking.  But we thought the best one told a personal story. Our winner told us about his dog, Palmer, and how Freshpet made a difference in their lives.   To see all the videos that were submitted,…