Changing the way we feed our Pets

The idea behind Freshpet is simple. If our families eat healthier, fresher foods, why shouldn’t our dogs and cats, too? We make our meals with fresh meats, fruits and veggies farmed locally and delivered daily to our Freshpet Kitchens. We gently cook these ingredients at lower temperatures, then immediately refrigerate our meals to preserve key nutrients.

That way your pet gets nothing but the best that fresh food has to offer.

We’re so humbled to hear incredible stories about our food from pet parents across the country. We hope their experiences will help you find the right food for your pets.

Read what other pet parents have said about Freshpet!

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  • My dog loves your food

    08/18/2014 by Sharon

    My 28-lb. pug and Jack Russell mix loves this refrigerated pet food. He has had 23 teeth removed already, so the softness of this food is perfect for him. Before he had this food, he wouldn’t eat his dog food. We tried mixing dry food with chicken broth, then with chicken soup, and finally mixed it with canned dog food. It was messy and oftentimes, he would leave it uneaten. That meant he was constantly begging for people food. When I started feeding him this food, he gobbled it up in less than a minute. It was amazing and he still waits excitedly for me to bring him this food. I highly recommend this product for a finicky eater and also if you value natural ingredients in your dog food.

    What I love about Freshpet

    • Is a food my pet is excited to eat
  • The perfect dog food for Barkley

    08/18/2014 by Katherine Lefevre

    I have hunted for the perfect dog food for my 4 year old maltipoo since the beginning. I’ve never found a food that Barkley loved so much and that I felt so good about giving him. He is a free-eater but when I get this food out, he starts jumping, prancing, and licking his lips. Then he gobbles it down instantly. Healthy dog food is a priority to me as well as only buying humanely raised and preferably local meats, which this does, too! PERFECT! (+I did the math and I’m saving money from the canned food he used to eat.)

    What I love about Freshpet

    • Is a food my pet is excited to eat
  • Missy Loves Turkey Bacon

    08/18/2014 by Billy Settle

    Missy loves your Dog Joy turkey bacon treats, only draw back was a few months ago it was hit and miss finding them in our local Von’s Market…..That has since been greatly improved, the closes to being out of product was when I managed to get the last one, whew !

    What I love about Freshpet

    • Is a food my pet is excited to eat
  • We LOVE this product!

    08/18/2014 by Natalie Poteran

    Though I rely on reviews quite a bit, I am lax in writing them myself. I always say I’ll go back, but never do. This is my first. I am truly compelled to write my praises for this product. I have a 14 year old lab – who like many of your pets I am sure – is the love of our lives. He’s been on high quality food his entire life, but never fresh. We recently switched him to the Vital line. He has been eating the food, and treats, exclusively for about a month. It has literally changed his life! My husband and I joke that it’s like the movie Cocoon! He hasn’t had this much spunk and energy in years. His arthritis pain seems to have halved since he’s been eating the food. And he can’t gobble up the food fast enough — he LOVES it!! We’ve also noticed that his bowel movements are much more routine and healthy (for lack of better word). I cannot thank FreshPet enough for putting out such a high quality product. You’re making a difference in many lives, and extending them as well. Thank you. Thank you. I wish there was something more than 5 stars that I could give you as a rating.

    What I love about Freshpet

    • Makes my pet visibly healthier
  • Good food for my cat

    08/18/2014 by James Froberg

    My cat loves this product but will not eat the chicken and carrot bagged Fresh Pet Select or Vital.

    I’ve had to throw away both bags because he would not eat the product.

    What I love about Freshpet

    • is a food my pet is excited to eat