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It’s more than just food. It’s about making a difference.

We’re proud to be part a community of pet parents who are passionate about the health and wellbeing of their pets. Fresh pet food for dogs and cats is now a reality for many, and we couldn’t have done it without all of you.

Thank you to the pet parents, vets, and pet bloggers for believing in us, and in our tasty, nutritious food for your furry family. And, a special thanks to our pet shelter partner, who have made fresh food an essential part of the care they provide their animals.

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Meet Our Blog Partners

Every pet deserves fresh, real food.

A fresh diet with nutritious ingredients makes all the difference to pets in need. We’re proud to support shelters and rescue organizations across the country with thousands of pounds of Freshpet food and treats each year.

To date, we’ve been able to donate nearly 2 million fresh meals to pets in need.

We also take our support on the road. Freshpet and The Freshpet Food Truck attend community events to support charities that promote adoption and wellbeing for pets. And, we make financial donations to shelters when we can.

Our Shelter Partners

Fresh food and treats can be a life changer. Hear what shelters have to say about recent donations:

“Freshpet is an amazing product and we are truly grateful for all that you have done for our animals and our shelter!” – Shelter volunteer Nancy

Want to Recommend a Shelter for Donations?

To recommend a shelter, or request to be a recipient of one of our donations, visit our Contact Us page or call us at 1.866.789.FRESH (3737)

Note: Beneficiaries of Freshpet donations are required to be a 501c3 organization

Our Veterinarians

At Freshpet, we craft our recipes with with fresh, wholesome ingredients, combined for the right nutritional balance to help dogs and cats thrive. That’s why we work closely with leading veterinary nutritionists when developing new recipes.

We also partner with Dr. Katy Nelson, a leading veterinarian, who gives insight and advises us on important pet health topics for pet parents. Dr. Katy is a passionate pet advocate, making it her mission to helps dogs and cats live longer, healthier lives through proper nutrition.

Dr Katy's Blog Posts