How to Feed

Instead of the pantry, all Freshpet refrigerated pet food is to be stored in the fridge from the moment it arrives home. And because our food is 100% complete and balanced, our tasty options are ready to serve, from the fridge to your pet’s bowl.

Feeding Freshpet is easy, no matter the type of meal you choose. If it is your first time trying Freshpet, here are some simple tips for feeding our fresh, natural pet food:

First, you'll need to determine the serving amount for your pet's weight.

Use our Feeding Calculator now, or see the guidelines on every package of Freshpet food.

Next, follow the guidelines below, then stand back and watch the tail wagging excitement.

  • Convenient hashmarks on the side help determine the serving size for each meal
  • Carefully cut through the packaging and roll to cut slices for your pet
  • Discard the packaging around the cut slices
  • Cut slices into 1 inch chunks and serve in pet’s bowl

Since Freshpet is gently cooked without any chemical preservatives, it must be sealed or covered and stored in the fridge.

Freshpet Slice and Serve Rolls: Freshpet rolls can be stored in the fridge in a variety of ways:

  • Wrap the open end of the roll in plastic wrap
  • Cap the end of the roll to protect from oxygenation
  • Place either the whole roll or cut up slices into a plastic bag

Freshpet Meals:

  • Freshpet meals come with a convenient seal along the top of the bag. Just close the seal and store in the fridge after meal time
  • Using a standard measuring cup, pour the morsels into the measuring cup to reach the calculated food amount for your pet, then serve

How much Fresh is best?

Use our feeding calculator to determine the right amount of Freshpet for your cat or dog. You can also find feeding guidelines on every package of Freshpet.

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Change is healthy.

We are thrilled that you’re considering switching your pet to fresh food. Freshpet is more readily digested than kibble, but it’s still important to transition slowly so it’s gentle on your pet’s tummy.

Start by feeding both Freshpet and your pet’s current food, and increase the amount of Freshpet every few days, while decreasing your pet’s current food. Then enjoy the change in your pet’s appetite at feeding time, and the lasting benefits you’ll notice from our nutritionally balanced meals.