Derek’s Review of Freshpet Select Chunky Beef for Dogs

First I would love to say, in all sincerity, thank you.

Our chihuahua pup, Jimmy, has always had trouble maintaining weight. He’d get to a healthy weight, but with a few hours a day playing around the house/yard, he would shed those pounds pretty fast. I spent an entire night researching what the best food was, not simply to maintain weight, but for his overall health. Freshpet was the first brand that caught my eye. The very short list of all natural ingredients is what really made me buy it.

He has been on Freshpet Select Chunky Beef for about 2 1/2 weeks now, and he has already gained around a pound and a half, and has more energy than I have ever seen in his  two years of life.

The change of food was very easy, and didn’t make him sick to his stomach in the slightest. Every time I pull out his wet food bowl, he runs and jumps all over my legs. To say he loves this meal is a huge understatement.

Thank you for actually caring about our pets health. Anyone who owns a pet should at least try this product.  I look forward to buying the treats soon, and I am sure he will love those just as much.

Eileen A’s Review of Freshpet Dog Food

Livi is a very picky eater, but would eat Mighty Dog canned and Rachael Ray kibbles, but something was causing her to have urinary infections and finally a stone. It was to the point where I had to cook her food myself and I happened to notice the refrigerated food in Food City.  I looked at the ingredients and thought I would try it. My finicky eater practically wolfed it down and has not come back to eat any of the dry kibbles; something she usually does after her normal canned meal. I mentioned it to my vet who was interested and I have several friends who buy high-dollar foods for their dogs that I plan to tell about this product. Without all those preservatives, maybe Livi won’t have an infection/stone problem anymore.

Betty O’s Review of Freshpet Dog Food

Copper absolutely loves Freshpet. This product definitely helps with sensitive digestive tracks. Copper’s breeder started him on a raw diet and we were not able to transition him to a regular kibble and canned diet. Freshpet was the perfect food for him. Thank you!

Quinn L.’s Review of Freshpet Vital Complete Meals for Dogs

A couple weeks ago, my dog had a horrible ear infection. I switched his food to Vital (we mix it with half of another brand) and he will pick over his ‘old’ food and only eat the Vital! There are pellets of food all over the kitchen floor and it’s funny to watch him pick out this stuff!!!!

Darcy S.’s Review of Freshpet Select Roasted Meals and Treats for Dogs

I adopted my Pansy from the Forever Home Beagle Rescue in August 2012. What a delight she has become! Being no young pup myself, I was looking to adopt an adult or senior dog – a dog that I could spoil. Well, there she was on the page – looking right at me. So I e-mailed the family who was caring for her – the rest is history! From the beginning I knew that I wanted to be cautious about what I fed her – nothing that was “imported.” I decided on Freshpet. Pansy is crazy about it – she loves the taste. I am crazy about it too – because I know that it is safe and good for her. In addition to the bagged food, I give her the jerky and chicken treats.

Kathleen H.’s Review of Freshpet Dog Food

Our dog Black Jack, is 12 years old and his joints seemed to be hurting him . It was heart breaking to see him try to walk up the stairs or jump onto the bed. We decided to change his food ( I am very ashamed to say that he was getting cheap food) I saw Freshpet at BJ’s and brought it home. The first thing I noticed was that I wasn’t gagging when I opened it, it smells fresh and wonderful. Well, Jack went nuts before I even put it in the bowl, and by the time I put the bag in the fridge he had finished it. It has been only 3 weeks and I swear he is acting almost like a puppy again! He jumps higher and he has no problem with the stairs. His coat is MUCH shinier and he is a happy dog again :)  Freshpet is all he will be eating from now on. THANK YOU.

Eric L.’s Review of Freshpet Vital Slice and Serve

Rascal is a very active 5 year old Bichon. A year ago he had to have emergency surgery because his bladder was full of “clusters of stones” and sand. He would not eat any of the prescription diet food, so I needed to find a healthy grain free raw dog food he’d like. I’ve tried several brands which he has enjoyed, but he really went to town on the Freshpet Vital. He has been putting some of the weight he lost back on, and looks healthier than ever. He’s back to being my loving, playful “L’il Rascal.”

Juliene J.’s Review of Freshpet Nature’s Fresh Slice and Serve

Friday, our Fox Terrier Mix, is a rescue dog that we’ve had for 3 yrs. now! He has been through so many different kinds of food! Dry and wet. Finally at my wits end of him just eating treats and rawhides, I saw your refrigerator at the end of the pet food isle at Wholefoods!! I read the back of the tube and thought, why not try it? He’s had just about everything else! Well that night I gave him a section of the Chunky Chicken. He ate it!! Wait, could that be possible? I tried it the next night and again he ate it. He has now been eating it for 1 week straight!!! He LOVES IT!!!

Colleen M.’s Review of Freshpet Select Slice and Serve Dog Food

We have a retired Greyhound, Faust. He is a wonderful dog but he is a picky eater. Because he has a delicate stomach we cannot give him wet food. About a year ago we tried adding some slices of Freshpet Select Chicken and Vegetable on top of his dry kibble to entice him. It worked so well! He loves it! Now we give him a little taste on top of his food at every meal. It has completely changed the kind of eater he is. We are so thankful for this product, it is great and I know it is good for him!

Daniel P.s’ Review of Freshpet Dog Food

My Poodles love your food, they practically woofed it down, they loved it that much. Also the fresh smell it has, I know it’s dog food, but it smells so good I have to remind myself it’s dog food. Thanks, I am hooked on purchasing more for my boys.