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Sonya’s review of Freshpet Select dog food

By: Katie

In October, I kept my niece’s 15 year old Beagle named Regal Beagle for 9 days while my neice was at the beach. She brought me a bag of Purina Dog Chow to feed her. My niece said that Regal just picks at her food and doesn’t eat much. Regal was very thin and her hair was falling out.(Regal also has a cancerous growth on her tail.)

I have 3 Beagles of my own that I feed Freshpet Select to so I gave Regal some of it. Regal ate it all and looked for more. I think she would have eaten a whole roll in one sitting if I had allowed it. Over the 9-day period I had her, Regal went from being lethargic and malnourished to running and playing with my dogs like she was a pup again. Regal’s hair even started growing back. When my niece returned, she couldn’t beleive the transformation.

Obviously this was a case of an owner not realizing that her dog wasn’t eating the dry dog food probably because either it didn’t agree with her delicate system or her teeth were too bad to chew it. However, I don’t believe simply switching to a canned dog food would have this dramatic of a result.

Regal Beagle now gets Freshpet Select every day and her health continues to improve. Thank you for making such a quality product.

Here is a picture of the old gal taking a nap after getting a full belly of Fresh Pet Select.