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Stephanie’s review of Freshpet dog food

By: Katie

My mothers dog is a small shih tzu. She found him in the country behind my grandmother’s shed. He was nearly dead and she started taking him to the vet and saved him. Since then Chester has become so spoiled its not even funny. He is blind in one eye, and when you feed him he gets all excited. That is until he smells what you have given him. We have tried every dog food we could. We decided to stick with Pedigree because we thought it was the best dog food that you can pick up from any store. Chester hated it (he hates ALL dog food!). We would lock him in the bathroom and sit there and watch him eat. There would be times he refused and got sick by mid afternoon from not eating. I had seen the Freshpet commercials but figured it was expensive and we are not willing to pay tons of money on dog food because he’s picky. Yesterday I was in the store and saw that it was under five dollars and it would last him four days. I thought I would give it a shot and figured I just wasted five bucks. When dinner time rolled around I cut it up put it in his bowl and he freaked out. He even licked the bowl clean!! He did the same this morning!! He gets so excited while eating now that I have to use a hair pin from my baby and pin his ears back or they get food in them! His potty is even easier!!


This is the BEST dog food I have ever seen!! I’m so thankful to this company for making this food!! And the great thing is that it doesn’t cost a arm and a leg like other high quality dog foods. Before my dog passed away at 17 she ate a VERY expensive dog food that smelt like cardboard. I wish this was around when I had her. I can’t wait to try the dog treats. Chester hates dog treats and I think he will love these!! Thank you so much for making this incredible food for our little blind family member!!