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Re-FRESH-ing Frozen Treat Ideas for Dogs

We’re gearing up for summer: the warm weather, the sunshine, and especially the yummy frozen treats! We’ve put together our favorite ideas for dressing up your pup’s refreshing warm-weather treats: Wag-gurt frozen yogurt and Chilly Wags ice cream! Great for sharing with pals around the neighborhood or just savoring on a warm day, these treats are sure to please. The toppings we’ve used are all safe for your pup, and delicious for you as well! Grab a human-friendly yogurt and snack away with your pooch on some delicious concoctions.

Check out our Pinterest board or read on to see our recipe ideas.

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The Peanut Butter Cup Simply indulgent, and safe for your dog? Sounds great to us! Add swirls of peanut butter and carob icing to our Peanut Butter Chilly Wags to give him an extra-yummy fresh treat. We used the carob icing from our Celebration Cookie for this one.










The All-American Perfect for your Fourth of July BBQ, this creamy concoction features blueberries and strawberries atop Vanilla Chilly Wags. As with all of our food and treats, our Chilly Wags are made in the U.S.A.!








The PBB&J Your fur-kiddos are sure to smile after a frozenPBB&J! Top our Peanut Butter Chilly Wags with some fresh banana slices and strawberry jam to re-create a childhood favorite for your pup.










The re-Fresher Simple, fresh, and delicious. Add a bit of lemon zest and a few fresh blueberries to our Blueberry Vanilla Wag-gurt.











Jammin’ Vanilla  Jam-packed with flavor, your pup will love Vanilla Chilly Wags with a swirl of fruit-flavored jelly! We put the jelly in a ziplock bag and cut a small hole in the end to create the swirls.









Wag-garitaville Give your pup a mock-tail while you enjoy the real deal. Top our Blueberry Vanilla Wag-gurt with some fresh pineapple for a taste of the tropics.










The Apple Blossom Your pup’s taste buds will bloom for our Apple Peanut Butter Wag-gurt topped with apple slices and a dab of peanut butter. Yum!










Tail Mix Help your doggie gear up for a day of fun, or cool her down with Peanut Butter or Vanilla Chilly Wags, topped with a bit of granola, fresh blueberries, and strawberries.











Lil’ Blueb of Honey This sweet treat will have his tongue wagging: Blueberry Vanilla Wag-gurt topped with a bit of honey and some fresh blueberries.









Always check with your vet before making changes to your pup’s diet, and be sure to avoid any toppings that your pup is allergic to! If you’re not sure, give them a small piece of the topping on its own and monitor your pooch.

Have any other suggestions? Share them in the comments!


Dog Joy Bacon

Bacon Shortage? Not for Fido!


Over the past month, the near hysteria over the impending bacon shortage has become a bit of a cultural phenomenon. But fear not, Freshpet fans! We are here to set the record straight about whether or not this will affect your favorite furry friend.


Freshpet Dognation® and Dog Joy® Turkey Bacon Treats will not be affected


We know that dogs love bacon – maybe even more than we do! Our delectable Dognation and Dog Joy bacon treats are made with all natural ingredients like real turkey, not pork, so dogs everywhere can continue to enjoy that great bacon taste through the potential shortage and beyond. Bring on the bacon!


A bacon shortage would be a pretty good thing for dogs


While it’s okay to give a table scrap to your pet now and again, bacon itself can be tough on pups. The high fat content is difficult for pets to digest, and can cause stomach issues and lead to weight gain. Turkey bacon is a healthy, delicious alternative to other bacon-flavored dog treats, with less fat and calories. Don’t just take our word for it- check out our blogger reviews to see what their pups think of our turkey bacon treats.


Bonus: Our favorite reactions to the Bacon Shortage
One good thing to come out of the bacon shortage craziness: the jokes!


Here are a few of our favorites:


Aporkalypse became the popular term for the coming shortage:




Many twitter-users chided Mitt Romney and President Obama for not addressing the shortage in this week’s debate.



NBC’s hit tv show Parks and Recreation put together a hilarious mock Public Service Announcement about the shortage, featuring the ever-hilarious Ron Swanson. His suggestion? “Procure as much bacon as humanly possible and hide it in as many locations as you can.”

Dog Treats: Fresh Is Better

These days many pet owners understand the importance of the quality of food they give to their pets. With all of the recent pet food recalls, dog owners are even more cautious of the food they buy for their four-legged pals. Here are some red flags to look out for when buying treats for your pet.

Check the Ingredients

Many shelf stable dog treats include sugars and corn syrup. A dog’s digestive system works just like a human’s digestive system, and it is known that sugar is unhealthy for humans as well as dogs. Too much sugar can possibly lead to diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and dental problems. Make sure you read the labels on dog treats to make sure they don’t contain excessive amounts of sugar before purchasing.

Many times dog treats contain chemical preservatives, fillers, and by-products. Preservatives and dyes are used to keep fats from turning rancid and to keep the food looking good. The safety of preservatives such as BHT, BHA, and ethoxyquin has been questioned by consumers and scientists alike. By-products and fillers are inexpensive and found in many foods. Corn gluten and wheat gluten are used in treats and have no nutritional value to your pet, they are neither harmful nor useful, and they are used to bind food together.

Have peace of mind when you give your dog a fresh treat from our Dog Joy line. These 100% all-natural treats contain no corn, wheat, preservatives, fillers, or by-products. Whether it is beef treats or the peanut butter ready to bake cookies, you dog will have a reason to wag his tail!

It’s Easy When You Love What You Sell

Hudson eats fresh pet food, Freshpet Dog Joy Fresh Bones

Freshpet pup Hudson enjoying a Dog Joy Fresh Bone.

This week’s blog post is written by Justin, Freshpet Sales:

I am lucky to have the easiest job at Freshpet…Sales.

Don’t tell my boss, but most of the hard-sell is done every day by thousands of dogs across the country.

My dog, Hudson, loves Freshpet. Every once and awhile when he doesn’t get it for dinner, he gives me a look that speaks a thousand words. He’s too sweet to pout for long, but he makes his point and next time he gets his favorite.

Hudson loves to chase, catch, and eat lizards in the back yard. He could hunt them from sun up to sun down if I would stand out there with him. Sometimes I need a break from all the hunting, and Hudson needs something to do. Freshpet’s Dog Joy Fresh Bones keep him busy and happy while cleaning his teeth. I have tried many bones, but I like Freshpet’s best because they are all natural and don’t have any of the usual fillers like corn, wheat, soy, or cellulose.

Working for a company that makes healthy products that my dog craves so much makes me feel great about my job!