Nothing compares to fresh, real food.

Fresh pet food is different. Unlike other brands, our meals never include preservatives, fillers, or by products. And, our food won’t sit on shelves getting stale. That’s because our products are refrigerated from the moment they’re made.

We're proud to be the only fresh, refrigerated pet food in the U.S. See how we compare to other dog and cat food brands. Get started below.

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All Natural: No Artificial Preservatives, Colors or Flavors

The first three ingredients are animal-based proteins

No Rendered Meals or By-products

Absolutely No Ingredients from China

No Added Fats

No Corn or Wheat

5-Star Rating on Dog Food Advisor

Fresh or from
the shelf? See
the difference.

We've brought something new to the table: fresh, nutritious meals.

We enjoy fresh foods each day, not only because they make us feel better, but because they taste great too. So can you imagine what it must be like for our pets to eat nothing but shelf-stable foods every day?

From 'Blah' to 'rah rah rah!'

For more than 70 years, most dogs and cats ate either wet food in cans or kibble simply because there was nothing else. That’s why we set out to make a change. Freshpet was founded on the belief that our pets deserve to eat fresh, real food—just like us.

Learn how Freshpet is different from traditional pet food.

Gently cooked, not overcooked

When it comes to cooking your pet’s food, we pay close attention. Did you know that most other pet foods are cooked over and over at extremely high temperatures? Many of the ingredients are processed before cooking even begins; then the food is processed and finally dried to ensure long shelf life. In the process, key vitamins and amino acids are lost, and starches become less digestible.

Freshpet recipes are cooked only once, at lower temperatures, so they retain their essential nutrients, such as amino acids and vitamins.

Made of fresh, whole protein sources

All of our meals and healthy dog treats are made with fresh, all-natural ingredients cooked for the first and only time in our Freshpet Kitchens. And because we use whole ingredients, you can actually see them. In our recipes, you’ll find delicious chunks of fresh chicken, carrots, peas, cranberries and spinach.

All Freshpet food is made with real meats, with no added fillers like corn or wheat. Fresh food is also never rendered, because when you render meats, they lose amino acids and other needed nutrients.

The only preservative is the fridge

We never use chemical or artificial preservatives – just our own special fridge. After preparation, Freshpet meals are immediately packaged and refrigerated after cooking for maximum freshness and for your pet to enjoy.

The Deal
on Meal

Did you know kibble is made with chicken meal? Chicken meal is made with leftover chickens, cooked at extremely high temperatures and pulverized into a powder. They are then cooked again to make kibble. Kibble can sit on a shelf for years, collecting dust.

See why fresh is better than the rest.

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