Nutritional Philosophy

Changing the way we feed our pets.

It's simple, really. If our families eat healthier, fresher foods, then why shouldn't our dogs and cats?
That’s the idea behind Freshpet.

Packed with vitamins and proteins, our meals offer fresh meats, poultry, and vegetables farmed locally. The Freshpet Kitchens then thoughtfully prepares these natural ingredients and everyday essentials. We cook in small batches at lower temperatures then immediately refrigerate the meals to preserve key nutrients.
That way, your pet gets the best.

We love making a difference for dogs and cats – and that difference always begins with the best ingredients.
With Freshpet, you’ll feel good about what you feed your furry family.

In every pound of Freshpet rolls or meals, you’ll find:

At least 9 oz of
poultry, meat, or fish

2 oz of Liver &
1 oz of Egg

2 oz of fruits &

18 Essential
Vitamins & Minerals

Fresh from across the U.S.

From the start, the Freshpet team selects the best ingredients delivered daily to our Freshpet kitchens. From fresh meats and grains to wholesome fruits and veggies, the ingredients couldn't be more nutritious. Or delicious.

Our meats are never pre-cooked, and our ingredients are completely natural. We never use fillers, meals or by-products in our dog and cat food. But, we always add a little love — we hope you don’t mind.

Explore our all-natural ingredients:

Our foods always start with fresh meats like chicken, beef, lamb, salmon. These animal proteins provide amino acids, fatty acids and specific minerals for muscle development, organ function and energy.

Eggs are the most complete protein source with amino acids for muscle development.

Chicken Liver is rich in Vitamin A, D and B.

We NEVER use rendered meals- none of our meats are pre-cooked.

We add vitamin rich fruits and vegetables to our all natural dog and cat food Fresh carrots, peas, and leafy greens are high in fiber.

Many of our recipes contain cranberries and blueberries for antioxidant support.

Some of our recipes contain only easily digestible grains, like brown rice, oats or barley, in small amounts.

We NEVER use wheat, corn, or wheat gluten – which are lesser quality and can cause common dog allergies.

We also offer grain-free recipes.

Prepared, not processed.

Processed food has no place at our table.

At Freshpet, we make our food daily, in small batches, and in our own kitchens.

How we prepare our fresh meals makes a difference. We gently cook them at lower temperatures, so vital nutrients that go into Freshpet foods actually stay in. As a result, Freshpet is 1/3 less processed than leading dry foods. That’s a winning recipe for pets everywhere.

Take a tour of the Freshpet kitchen.

Fresh food, healthy pets. It’s the Freshpet Effect.

Fresh from our fridge to yours.

Our tasty meals are kept cool from the moment they’re made until they arrive at Freshpet refrigerators in your local market. And because we never use chemical or artificial preservatives, all Freshpet meals and treats have a “Freshest if Used By” date that is weeks away, not years. Find Freshpet in our fridge and bring it to yours.