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In 2006 we were the first to challenge an industry that was the same for over 50 years. We set out to create fresh and healthy food for pets. Food that’s closer to its natural state, that’s delicious to eat and makes it easier for pets to digest vital nutrients. Just fresh, whole ingredients, gently cooked without preservatives, and kept refrigerated where meats belong.

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We start with fresh ingredients and end with fresh pet food

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Thousands of Happy Letters. Millions of Healthy Pets.

The most rewarding part of our job is hearing from people whose pets are living better, more energetic lives after switching to Freshpet. Don’t just take our word for it – read some of their letters, and see the difference fresh food makes.

Aubi and Allie's Story

Dear Freshpet, Thank you! Our two fur-babies finally love mealtime. When we first got Aubie (Maltese) and Allie (Morkie) we bought the best kibble around, but they hated it. We were feeding them by hand just to get them to eat. We decided to make our own fresh dog food. So every 3rd day we were running to the grocery store, then running home to cook. The problem was they would pick out the veggies and just eat the chicken. They were never excited for mealtime and all Allie wanted to do was sleep. Obviously, she was missing something in her diet. On one of my trips to the grocery store, I noticed Freshpet in the refrigerated section. I figured, why not? Best decision EVER! They now love mealtime and their bowls are left without a morsel! ❤️

Bailey Rose's Story

Thank you Freshpet! Bailey Rose is a 5lb chihuahua and will be 10 years old. Shortly after we moved, she developed a stone in her stomach that had to be removed. Then, she started having seizures and was limping when she walked. The vet suggested taking her to a specialist for more testing but indicated there was not much they could do. We did some research and decided to change her food! 8 months later and she is healthier and more active than ever!

Chester's Story

Dear Freshpet, Chester is a 6-year-old English Bulldog rescue that did not come with any instructions. He was very skinny and we were told that he had stomach issues. We tried many different approaches to mealtime, but it was always the same scenario. Week one would be okay and then in week two Chester would stop eating. This horrible cycle continued for about 4 months. I was at my wit’s end, but when at the pet store I saw your food, and I thought it could be my last hope. I am so happy to say we are going on week 4 and Chester has gained some weight, is more vibrant, looks forward to mealtime, and his tummy is 100% better. I can not thank you enough. Love, Dawn (the most grateful owner)

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