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Why You’ll Need Freshpet Dog Food This Halloween

Did you know that chocolates and candies can be deadly for your dog? While some foods may be completely harmless for humans, those same treats may cause your dog to be sick.


This is why candies and chocolates must be kept out of your dog’s reach. To help ensure your dog has as much of a good time as you and your children, try stocking up on deliciously fresh and healthy Freshpet dog food or treats this Halloween!




Before you run out to get Freshpet dog food, lets take a look at some types of foods that you should try an avoid having near your pets this holiday.


Halloween Treats That Are a Big NO for Dogs:


This delicious human Halloween treat can cause severe symptoms such as of excessing panting, vomiting, frequent urination, diarrhea, or seizures in pets.



Liquor Chocolates

Chocolates with alcohol can slow down the functioning of your dog’s liver and brain, and the smaller the dog, the greater the effect. Symptoms to look out for are vomiting, diarrhea, depression, coma, difficulty in breathing and even death.

Macadamia Nuts

A common ingredient in many Halloween candies, these nuts can cause locomotive difficulties, weakness, tremors, panting and swollen limbs.

Grapes and Raisins

Cookies, mini cakes or chocolates can contain grapes and raisins, which may lead to kidney failure in dogs.




Milk could be dangerous for dogs, as some dogs may not be able to reliably produce a special lactose splitting enzyme known as lactase. The absence of this enzyme could cause bloating, diarrhea and gas.


Candy and Chewing Gum

Sugar could be unhealthy for dogs. In addition to sugar, candies could contain Xylitol, can lead to excessive insulin release. This may cause kidney failure or even worse conditions.



How do I Make Sure My Dog Stays Healthy During Halloween?

Check out the following tips to keep your dog safe during Halloween:

  1. Advise your guests and their kids not to offer candy to your dog – Also keep the floor clean of candy wrappers. Sometimes it takes just a small amount to do big damage.
  2. Keep the candy out of your dog’s reach – It’s safer to keep your candy in a cabinet or a high shelf. If the dog is around, be vigilant.
  3. Stock up on Freshpet recipes or treats Dogs don’t need human treats. Period. They would be happier and healthier if you gave them foods made just for them. This is why before Halloween, stocking up on Freshpet recipes is a great idea. Consider getting your dog:

There are plenty of Freshpet recipe choices, and they are all nutritious and tasty.

There is a treat for every kind of dog at Freshpet. Make their Halloween less scary and give them food and treats of their own to enjoy.



How to Bond with Your Dog

The bond between humans and their dogs dates back thousands of centuries, and according to a recent article from Scientific American, the domestication of canines goes back much further than many of us may have previously believed. The discovery of a bone from a wolf found in Siberia takes the traditional belief of dogs belonging to human masters from approximately 11,000 years ago to upwards of 40,000 years in the past.


The partnership that exists between us and our canine companions can be vital for working dogs like police, military and sheepdogs, but is also just as important for our family pet. Signs that this bond is weak can include:


  • An indifference between you and your dog or with other family members
  • A lack of focus and poor eye contact
  • Beligerence or aggression
  • A dislike of being handled, petted or given other forms of affection
  • Lack of enthusiasm with playtime or exercise from taking a walk
  • Depression and other lethargic behavior


Some of these behaviors could be due to a medical problem, for example, lethargic behavior can be associated with things like allergies, so you may want to check with your veterinarian. But if your pet has a clean bill of health, before things get to this point, or even if your dog may be exhibiting some of these signs, there’s many ways to strengthen the bond that exists between you and your four-legged friend.


Find Their Heart



As the age-old adage goes, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” and the same is true for dogs. Feeding your pet fresh and pet fresh and nutritional food that they truly enjoy eating will not only make them happier, but healthier as well. Giving them treats in moderation can benefit both training and deepen the bond between Fido and their human friend.


Pay Attention



In the same way some dogs enjoy certain types of foods better than others, the same goes for some of their behavioral patterns. For instance, some dogs don’t enjoy being picked up, others don’t care for being hugged, and other forms of attention that we may think they like, but actually they are just tolerating this behavior. Get to know your pet’s likes and dislikes and respect them as well as their boundaries.


Be Aware of Behaviors


Again, awareness of some things that we might find pleasant as humans, smiling for example, may be seen as a sign of aggression with some dogs. For example, some smaller dogs don’t like to be “walked over” and this may make them feel threatened. Pay attention to things like body language, quick movements or stances that may make them anxious or afraid and avoid them.



Human Touch




The importance of physical contact is true for both humans and their animals. Grooming, petting and other forms of physical contact reduces stress levels, which also lowers heart rate and increases levels of relaxation. Spend time with your dog, play with them often and give them reassurance through your touch that they are important to you.


It’s not all about spending money on their veterinarian care, food, toys and treats, just like human children, they’d rather we spend more time with them instead of shelling out cash for our canines. This is the way we bond with almost everyone from our two-legged family members to our four-legged friends.

“Wait, you actually ATE DOG FOOD?!”

I remember vividly the first time I heard that employees at Freshpet have eaten our food. It was nearly three years ago, and I was freshly (pun intended) on the job. At the time, I couldn’t imagine ever eating the food; though I knew that Freshpet was different, I had a lot to learn about our food and about other dog foods. On that day, I vowed to try my best to avoid the ceremonial “tasting of the roll.”


As time has gone on, I’ve learned just how special Freshpet is. I’ve spent time at our Kitchens and learned first hand how our food is made and exactly what goes into it. I’ve gotten to know our colleagues in the Kitchens and see how immaculately clean and well cared for it is. And I’ve seen countless Freshpet employees, both new and old, willingly consume our food. But still, I couldn’t bring myself to eat (with the exception of our Turkey Bacon treats, because who can resist Bacon.)


I write this today on the other side, having finally paid my Freshpet dues. I came, I saw, and I ate dog food. Lots of it. And I want to tell you why.


Freshpet is not that different than what I’ll often make for myself for dinner. We use the same ingredients (chicken, for example, and vegetables and brown rice) that I’d pick up at the local grocery store on my way home. We get these ingredients from the same places too: USDA and FDA regulated farms and suppliers. The safety and cleanliness that we uphold in our Kitchens is much better than what I generally do at home. I’m not suggesting we all eat Freshpet all the time: there are nutrients in there that dogs need but that are not necessary for humans. However, I’m fully confident that it’s just fine for a taste.


In the end, I knew I was just playing into the “dog food” stigma that we at Freshpet have worked hard to change. I completely understand why dog food has become synonymous with gross, unappetizing, and mysterious “food.” I wouldn’t want to eat many of the dog foods out there for that reason. But it shouldn’t be that way. Our dogs are family members, so why would we feed them something we ourselves are repulsed by? Simply put, dog food shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing.


And so, I sat at the white table just as everyone who had volunteered for the video would soon do. I tasted all three of the dishes and, I have to be totally honest- I couldn’t stop laughing. Not because it was weird to eat dog food (well, maybe a little) but because it was TRULY delicious. I ate second and third bites of each dish, polished off the meatballs and the taco with ease. It was no longer just for the camera; the food and I were having a culinary experience of our own. Karina, my teammate, turned to me and said, “now I understand why Penny (her Cavalier King Charles) loves the Beef and Bison so much.” We giggled, but underneath there was a new sense of understanding. That day, I felt a pride that was greater than what I’d even felt before for the work that we do each day.



I believe we’re embarking on a new era in dog food, one in which human quality will be a demand, not a rarity. And I believe at Freshpet, we’re leading the way.


By watching this video, you’re helping to make better food for pets a reality. And, in celebration, we’re donating to two wonderful charities helping to feed hungry humans all across the country: The Food Trust and The Jewish Family Services { SOVA Community Food and Resource Program. We thank you for coming along on this journey with us, and look forward to all there is to come.

Prepping For a New Pet

Bringing home a new pet, whether planned or not, requires some careful forethought, preparation and planning. There’s more than food dishes, leashes, cat boxes, toys, food and bedding to consider. Here’s the top three things that many new pet owners may overlook when getting a new pet:


1 – Location, location, location!



These three words are most commonly known in the real estate market, but they should also be prevalent in the pre-existing pet ownership world. Be sure to make ready a place where your pet will sleep and eat in the same location. Not just a mentality of putting their dishes here or placing their bed over there somewhere — put some real thought into it.



Whether they’re a puppy or pushing their senior years, they want familiarity and consistency, they thrive on it, and as parents, you should give it to them. Make sure that you don’t just plop a food dish down or place a bed in an area that you’ll likely move it later. For example, place their water dish in a place that people won’t trip over it and it is close to a water source for cleaning and refilling.


2 – Schedule, schedule, schedule.




Okay, those aren’t words that are commonly seen together in a three-some like “location,” but it’s best to get your new pet on a consistent schedule right away. Once again, like children, pets perform better when they are on a schedule, knowing when they will eat, go outside, when it’s potty-time, all of that. You’ll be happier and they will know what to expect and you’ll likely see less “accidents” and more predictable behavior. 

3 – Pet proofing the premises.




Just like baby-proofing your house for the arrival of a new infant, you’ll want to take some safety precautions for the home of your new pet. Think of everything on their level, but it’s more complicated than it may seem. For a puppy, you won’t want to have shoes on the floor of your closet for them to chew on and for a cat, they may be able to jump onto shelves that contain fragile items. Beware of electrical cords and other potential hazards that could shock, choke or possibly kill a small animal.




If you’re also a plant lover, the ASPCA warns us about dozens of plants that can be toxic for dogs and cats. Be sure to check their list and remove these poisons to protect our new pet. Also it is a must to be mindful of all the symptoms and treatments involved with poison if you suspect one of your pets has been effected.


In closing, I’m adopted myself and actually love the fact that I was “chosen” rather than given birth to in the more traditional manner. And I have continued to carry that torch and have my own “chosen” four-legged members of our family. They love us regardless of their origin and all that they really care about is the fact that they are part of our family and they are loved.

Get Your Dog Beach-Ready

After a long, harsh winter, summer is finally here! Just like kids who are excited about getting out of school and looking forward to the warm weather ahead, our four-legged friends want to spend some more quality time with us and what could be better than a day at a pet-friendly beach!


As with children, we’ll want to pack up everything that our dog will need to have a blast at the beach, ocean, lake, river or whatever waterfront playground we’ll be enjoying on our sunny day.



Safety First

Dependent upon what you’ll be doing on your journey, if your dog will be going out onto the water for an extended period of time, boating, sailing, or paddleboarding, they’ll need a life jacket. Some people think that all dogs are natural born swimmers and that’s simply not true. While some breeds are better in the water than others, even the best of swimmers might not be able to make it safely to shore in case of an accident. Better safe than sorry, get them a life vest to save their life in case of a catastrophe.





Stranger Danger

Be sure to bring along the proper restraints. Keep their collar on and have a good, strong leash with you at all times, just in case. You could run into an aggressive dog and you’ll want to keep your pooch protected. Be on the lookout for other hazards like broken glass, sharp rocks, coral, fish hooks, garbage and other dangerous items hiding in the sand and water. And speaking of water, don’t allow them to drink too much salt or even “fresh” water as too much of it can be unhealthy.



Action and Distraction

While most dogs have a blast at the beach with their favorite toys, a ball or frisbee for a rousing game of fetch, they can’t play the entire time they are there. Bring along some distractions for much needed downtime like chew toys and treats to calm them down. Look for signs that they may be overtired or too hot, excessive panting, drooling, difficulty breathing or confusion. Don’t run them ragged, they’ll need a break now and then.



Water, Shade & Sand

It almost goes without saying that your dog will need plenty of fresh water, but sometimes we forget about shade and the hot sand. If you’re familiar with the area you’ll be visiting and know there is shade available, you’re probably okay. But if not, you should bring a large umbrella that can provide enough protection for both you and your dog should the heat become too much. Most dogs will not get a sunburn, but you will need to be aware of heat exhaustion with overheating.



When bringing blankets and towels, don’t forget to pack an extra one for your pup to protect them from the hot sand. Even the most active swimmers and water-loving dogs need to rest and they’ll need some shade and someplace to lie down on something that isn’t the scorching sand.



Rinse and Repeat

We’ll want to wash off all that sand, salt water or even fresh water from our skin and hair and our dog is no different. Don’t forget to rinse off your dog and give them a nice bath when you get home to help prevent bacteria and fungus from growing into an unhealthy skin condition for your beloved pet.


Repeat? Take them on another summer adventure in the great outdoors and enjoy the warmer weather with you best friend.




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Follow Freshpet on Facebook

It was October 2006 when Freshpet started making fresh, real foods for pets. Now almost a decade later, we’re proud to say that we’re feeding more than 1 million healthy dogs and cats all over the United States.

At Freshpet, our number one priority is feeding pets fresh, healthy foods just like what we eat. So, we use fresh meats and produce to make delicious meals in a way that doesn’t harm the earth. It is because of this, that we’ve built a community of loving pet parents and happy pets.


Our fans constantly leave us smiling, laughing, and in some instances feeling moved to tears. We’re so proud to have such an animal-loving, dedicated community sharing with us their pets special moments, the issues they care most about, and their love of our foods and treats.
Here are a few of our favorite posts from a few of our Freshpet Facebook fans. We hope that they make you smile:


1. Freshpet Helps 15-year-old Scooter Feel Young Again


Lorie, shared with us that Scooter made a complete turn around after trying Freshpet.


Freshpet Reviews


2. Fresh Is What We Believe In

Here’s what Freshpet Facebook fan and pet parent Janet Margaret had to say about her experience.
Freshpet Facebook


Quality ingredients are certainly the best choice for little ones. There is no need to worry Janet, we at Freshpet have always and will always use the freshest ingredients for our products.


3. Happy About Ingredients You Can Pronounce!

Micah and his pup Tucker were excited to find real, fresh ingredients.



Freshpet Dog Food Reviews


4. Excited Enough to Speak Up

Even people who normally don’t recommend or review products online are impressed enough to say a word or two about Freshpet.


Freshpet Food


5. Fresh Makes a Real Difference


For instance, check out what Kim H. says. Her dogs had quite a few problems – diarrhea, constipation and terrible gas. See what happened after she started them on Freshpet:




6. A True Hero!


Who wouldn’t love dear ol’ Beck? The poor guy was hit by a car and suffered serious spinal injuries, and had to go through extensive surgery. Freshpet is helping this brave little pup back on its paws!


Freshpet Dog Food


7. Allergy Relief


Here is a common problem that concerns every parent – allergies. If your pet is allergic to some ingredient in one of Freshpet’s products, feel free to get in touch and get advice on what suits them best.


Freshpet Facebook Reviews


8. Spreading a bit of Joy

Freshpet loves delivering the power of fresh food to pets, including those at shelters and rescues.


Freshpet Dog Food


9. Goodie Bags for the Septaks


Do you love goodie bags? Here are some of our Freshpet Facebook fans enjoying a surprise gift pack!


Freshpet Reviews


10. Surprise!

Here’s what Kristen Johnson found when she came home.


Freshpet Facebook



Want to see more of these posts? Like our Freshpet Facebook fan page for more posts, queries and special offers and if you want to learn how to follow Fresh Pet Facebook page, Click here…!

Freshpet Dog Food Reviews on Influenster

If you thought Facebook was the only place you could get reviews and feedback on products, you haven’t seen Influenster yet. Influenster is a large community of over 1.5 million social savvy shoppers. In addition to the latest product news and expert tips, they review products and share personal experiences.


The Freshpet community on Influenster is no different. A large number of Freshpet users are registered and are fully engaged in giving their honest feedback to help other pet owners.

Freshpet Dog Food


Check out what users say about Freshpet Food on Influenster.


1) – Susan’s dog has been looking a lot more energetic and healthy since she started feeding her Freshpet food:

“I have a senior dog who has lost most of her teeth and I started buying her Freshpet. Freshpet is much easier for her to eat and I like that I can feed her something that is not only easier for her to eat but also healthy for her. Since I’ve been feeding my dog Freshpet she has had more energy and looks a lot healthier. I usually buy the Freshpet rolls in chicken flavor but I also sometimes buy the tub in chicken flavor as well as the sausage shaped chicken treats they have. Everything I have tried from Freshpet my dog loves” – Susan A.


2) – Donna’s picky pet

 My dog is very picky. He wont eat dry food (sigh) so were forced to buy this brand dog food roll. He absolutely loves it! Its all natural and he is getting exactly what his little body needs. I’m very happy with this product! Thank you! – Donna H. from NY


3) – Allie’s dogs love the different Freshpet varieties!

“My dogs are now really picky and won’t eat anything other than their fresh pet. They have tried the bagged food, and the tube food and they like them both” – Allie S.


4) – Lexy is glad she is feeding her pet healthy and nutritious food:

“My pup absolutely loves the FreshPet Select Slice and Serve Dog Food and starts dancing around the kitchen whenever I pull it out of the fridge in the mornings. I feel good feeding him a fresher dog food with good ingredients (animal protein/veg.) I find that the rolls are moderately priced, convenient and I feel better knowing that my dog is eating ingredients I recognize” – Lexy N.


5) – Katlyn B., a satisfied customer from Ohio, appreciates the low sodium levels in Freshpet foods:

Perfect, easy to feed, semi-soft food for my senior Boxer with dental issues!!! He loves it! It’s not messy to serve like most soft dog foods. And the amount if sodium is so much lower than similar products made by alternate manufacturers so I feel better about feeding it to him!


So whether you have a dog or a cat, a picky eater or a no-fuss pet, a healthy or a sick pet, Freshpet has recipes that are nutritious and your pet will love. We combine health with taste to make sure your pets enjoy their meal time. If you have a Freshpet story to tell, please share it online.


Bringing a Senior Dog Home

So you decided to adopt an older dog. Let us be one of the first to congratulate you! Bringing a senior dog or cat home is a truly rewarding experience and we know you will feel the same after even just a few days. But, like bringing home any other new pet, senior pets will need a bit of prepping before they are completely acclimated to their new surrounding. We want to make this as easy as possible for you both, so here are a few ideas that will help your new pet fit right into his new home.


Give Older Dogs a Spot


Giving your dog his own safe area will go a long way to making him feel very comfortable in his new surroundings. Make sure it’s quiet, but try not to isolate him from the rest of the family. He’ll want to observe his new pack from a safe space until he’s relaxed enough to join in on the family activities.


Make the Introductions


It’s important to give your dog or cat the time he needs to adapt to your family. Introduce him to your family members individually and make sure he feels as safe as possible. He may have been in shelters his whole life, so it’s your responsibility to make this transition as easy as possible.


A walk in neutral territory away from your home is a good way to ease any stress and a wonderful way to kick off the bonding process. You’ll all be one big happy family in no time, so there’s no need to rush this part.


Ease Into a New Diet


While we always recommend the highest quality diet for all our pets, it’s important to note that transitioning a pet to a new diet should be gradual. A disrupted digestive system is no fun for anyone! If you can, get a little bit of his old food and mix it with his new food. We have many food options for older dogs, and recommend starting out with something easy like Freshpet Select Chicken or Freshpet Select Roasted Meals for Cats . Both recipes are packed with fiber that will make digestion very easy for your new pet.


Take Your Time!


While you may be excited and want to show off your new pet to everyone, remember that she is getting used to a brand new home with strangers. Like we said earlier, take every precaution to make the home comfortable for her and but don’t expect to rush her into every family function right off the bat. Give her the time she needs, and she’ll thank you for it in the long run.


The last thing to remember is that adopting a senior dog is a wonderful thing to do. You’ve given him a great home and he’ll spend the rest of his time with you loving you for it. Enjoy the new family member!

Freshpet Dog Food Reviews on Facebook

Freshpet values its fans who drive conversation on its Facebook page. From voluntary advice to opinions on pet products, the Freshpet Facebook community shares stories and experiences that help all caring pet parents. With a complete ‘hands off’ strategy, Freshpet believes in transparency where pet parents have the freedom to discuss their pets, comment and tell us how they feel about Freshpet products.




To give you a taste of what pet parents and their pets say about Freshpet Dog Food products, here are some comments:

  1. Lyn Kochems

“My dogs love this food ! I just happen to see it in the cooler and thought hay lets give them a treat..somethingdifferent..tired of buying the same old stuff and they are probably tired of eating..They each had a scoop in their dish and wow !they ate everything and now when I go in the refrigerator to get their food they are at their dishes tail wagging..allexcited..Just wish more stores carried it so I could find it easier. Wal-mart is not keeping it stocked very well.”

Lyn, thank you for giving us a try, and we hope your dogs keep enjoying Freshpet


  1. Amanda Smith Chase

“Naomi is a very picky eater and we have been struggling to find a food she will eat. We rescued her five months ago and have tried countless options! She has now eaten four meals in a row with Freshpet! She loves it! We are so relieved to no longer be stressed about feeding times!”

Thank you for rescuing Naomi, Amanda. It’s always a great to see pets healthy and happy 

  1. Chris Beaird

“I’ve been feeding Freshpet since 2010, and I love that there are different varieties to try – rolled, kibble, dry, etc. My Wyatt can be a bit picky and he gets tired of the same thing after a while, so I’m able to mix it up for him. This past weekend I bought some Fresh From the Kitchen and I have never seen him go through his breakfast so quickly!”

Freshpet always uses the freshest ingredients to make its recipes. Glad Wyatt loves it!

  1. Janet Margaret:

“Don’t ever change the quality of your ingredients, please. It’s the first time that my dog (since she was a puppy) can eat something without getting sick… well, the second but I had to change b/c the one I was feeding her changed ingredients so I came across yours and she loves it and does great on it. She has chronic pancreatitis. I’ve given her everything from the most expensive food to me cooking for her daily, but she’s doing so well with yours, even has her spunk back and she’s 8 going on 9 J Thanks! And please keep your food as is, and I’ll be a loyal customer!!”

Rest assured, Janet, Freshpet will never compromise on quality.

  1. Greg Elder

“I normally don’t recommend things on Facebook, but if you have a pet you must try this. The dog food and treats are the best I’ve found. The food is remarkable and the treats are low in Crude Fat. Brodster never misses a meal now days and his poop is the best I’ve ever seen.. Just saying..Thought I share this product with friends and family.”


It’s good to hear from you, Greg. We appreciate your recommendation.


Freshpet strives to provide healthier meals for pets. By using only the freshest of ingredients, Freshpet creates a wide variety of nutritious meals that are preservative free, and are a healthier alternative to processed foods. Like the satisfied customers above, try Freshpet products out for your pets and see the difference yourself!