The Freshpet Effect

Dogs and cats are licking their bowls clean, and getting all the nutrients they need along the way. Take a look at how Freshpet food is making a difference in the lives of pets across the country.

Improved Digestion

Our fresh refrigerated meals are highly digestible, with fiber to help prevent stomach upsets.

Not until I found Freshpet did I finally get to stop my search for the best dog food ever. It makes us feel good he loves it so much and it hasn't disrupted his digestion at all. I have already recommended this product to all the people I talk to at the doggie park. Freshpet Parent: angeljul

Shinier, Softer Skin & Coat

Fresh animal proteins provide more fatty acids to keep coats healthy and help prevent dry skin and shedding. Just think: less vacuuming might just mean more time for your pup.

My 2 and a half year old Doberman loves the Vital Bison & Beef dog food. Since I've changed her diet, her coat is starting to shine and is much softer than on a previous brand of dog food. Freshpet Parent: PCrais

Increased Energy

Fresh meats are nutrient dense, so our foods easily convert into maximum energy. What does that mean for your pets? More playtime.

Our giant schnauzer Otis loves this food. We love that the food has brought his energy levels up and he is his old playful self again. Freshpet Parent: AB88

Allergy Relief

Grain-free recipes, single protein sources, and no fillers make our foods an ideal choice for pets suffering from allergens. Here at Freshpet, we love to imagine the relief, not only for your pet, but the entire family.

This food is amazing! I have a ten-year-old Pomeranian, and for years she had allergies and would always bite at her paws, and her ears were a mess! We tried everything, and nothing worked! After one month of feeding my dog this food, her ears cleared up, her fur got really soft, and she hasn't been bothering her paws. Freshpet Parent: Stacy07

Healthier Weight

High-protein meals with amino acids and other nutrients help build lean muscle, while the right ingredients help pets reach and maintain a healthy weight. Great taste and the perfect nutritional balance—your pets couldn’t ask for more.

Our beagle Zander weighed-in at over 45lbs! Every dog food we had tried did not work to help Zander lose weight. Our vet suggested Freshpet food and I'm happy to report that he has lost 14lbs! He looks great and he loves Freshpet food. Seriously.... he gobbles it up in 5 seconds flat. Freshpet Parent: Jody21

Great for Picky Eaters

With fresh meats plus yummy veggies, dogs and cats will gobble up tasty choices at mealtime. If you’re not careful, they might just ask—or beg—for more.

Our 2 year old Labradoodle, Montgomery, has been a finicky eater since he was a puppy. We have tried literally dozens of different dog foods - raw, kibble, canned you name it, we bought it and threw it away. I bought Freshpet Select this morning, and Monty Loves it. He licked his bowl clean for the first time in 2 years! Thanks for a superb product. Freshpet Parent: Allison

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