10 Pets in Hats to Celebrate Kentucky Derby Day

07 May 2017 | Written by Freshpet
It's Derby Day! Which means we sport our favorite fancy hats, all while sipping equally fancy drinks (and don't forget the horse races!). We're also celebrating by sharing our favorite photos of dogs and cats wearing the most fashionable hats they could find. Enjoy the cuteness and some giggles.  

1. He's sensitive one in the band.


2. "A little sparkle goes a long way."

3. Because floppy hats flatter every face.

4. "Wait... there's something on my head?"

5. "Don't flatter me. I know the bow's cute."

6. "Just me, some snacks and my sophisticated wicker hat = best day ever"


7. "I don't have time to Derby. I must tend to the gardens."

8. #HighFashion

9. Just sleeping through every alarm ever set.


10. "But you said it was Cinco de Mayo..."

Responses to this Post

Laurie S.
16 May, 2017 at 05:21 pm
I had a photo that literally looked like the photo number one! Really made my day, great pics.
modern dog bowl
24 May, 2017 at 04:45 pm
I like the cat in picture 4, she blends right into her Hershey cap lol.

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