10 Reasons why April is Awesome for Pet Parents

05 Apr 2013 | Written by Freshpet
April is a wonderful month all around: winter’s chill begins to fade, the sunshine brings out happy faces, and everyone begins to prepare for the fun of summertime.  But for pet parents, April is one of the best months of all. Here are ten reasons why April is even more awesome when you have a pet or two in tow:  

10.  Warmer Weather!

The warm weather can cheer the chilliest of spirits, but it makes caring for your fur-kid even more enjoyable. If you’re like us, you love taking a walk in the park with your pup. And meow’s the time to even let your kitty bask in the outdoors (if they like that sort of thing).

9. April Showers

There’s something so enjoyable about snuggling up to your kitty on a rainy day, or stomping through puddles with your pooch. Pets just make rainy days brighter. Even those of us who dislike the rain can appreciate our pets’ greeting us on our way in the door after battling the weather.

8. Baseball is back

Bark if you love baseball! Baseball season is one of our favorite time’s of year, and it’s made even better by the fact that many parks are allowing fans to bring their pups to games. Plus, 162 games watched from the comfort of your home are only made better by the constant, loving presence of your furry family.

7. Earth Day

Though we shouldn’t need a reminder, Earth Day is a great day to put new habits into practice towards sustainability and green living! Saving electricity / gas / cleaning up the neighborhood – all activities that are made much more fun with a pup or kitty around.  

6. The Freshpet Truck is back!

In the New York metro area, start to see more of our Freshpet Food Truck for dogs and cats in action!  

5. More patches of sunshine near the window

Sometimes it’s the little things, like lounging under a patch of light streaming in through the window. April is sure to deliver the first of many springtime warm patches, something that only pet parents truly can appreciate.    

4. Plant life in bloom

The flora and the fauna start to peek out, which inspires us to dress up in fresh bright colors.  

3.  Farmers Markets

We love fresh produce, we love healthy eats, and we definitely love places that we can flock to with our pets. Farmers Markets are back, and we’re definitely into it. Pet parent bonus: you may find an adoptable pup or kitty while you’re there. There is always room for one more!  

2. Ice Cream season begins

For some of us, ice cream season never really ends; but for those of us who save cold treats for warmer weather, time to grab a cone (or a cup) for the first time in months. A tasty treat for your pooch as well? Well, that’s quite the bonus. Check out our ice creams and yogurts here.  

1. April is National Pet Month!

An entire month to celebrate our pets? Why yes, that is a great reason to love April indeed.

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