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10 Reasons Why Cats Make Great Pets

16 Sep 2019 | Written by Freshpet
Cats vs. dogs – as long as they’ve been domesticated our population has been divided into those that prefer cats and those that prefer dogs. We think that both make for great companions, but if you’re strongly on “team dog”, read on. This list of 10 reasons why cats make great pets may just change your mind.

1. Cats are quiet

If noise levels are a concern in your living situation, cats are a great choice of pet. Even the quietest bark will likely be much louder than the most insistent meowing. Depending on the cat, you may need to worry about other sounds such as them knocking things off of surfaces or running around at top speed, but they are still likely to be more quiet overall.  

2. Cats are low maintenance

Compared to dogs, cats are a low maintenance pet. They don’t require formal training, they don’t need to be taken out multiple times a day, and they’re even able to take care of basic self-cleaning. Of course, long-haired cats will still require regular grooming, but it will likely involve less regular grooming than long-haired dogs.

3. Cats are easy to house-train

One of the biggest challenges dog owners need to overcome is the process of house-training a new puppy. Kittens, on the other hand, usually know how to use the litter box as soon as you bring them home. All you need to do is show them where it is, and they’ll instinctively use it.  

4. Cats make great apartment pets

When it comes to pets in apartments, cats are often better suited than dogs. Compared to dogs, cats require less space and can take better advantage of vertical space. Even in apartments with small square footage, you can make the space comfortable for cats by adding different vertical levels. Plus, since they use litter boxes, they don’t need to be taken outside multiple times a day – something that can be time-consuming if you live in a large apartment building.

5. Cats cost less to care for

According to the ASPCA, the overall cost of caring for cats is lower than medium or large dogs. This is because they require less food, fewer toys, and have lower overall grooming costs.

6. Cats are independent

One of the best things about cats is that they are very independent creatures. Unlike dogs, who require quite a high level of attention each day, cats are quite happy to have time to themselves. In fact, cats will sleep for about 15 hours a day so you don’t have to worry about them being too bored when you’re at work. When you are home, cats are also more likely to be content with just being in your company, whereas dogs may demand your undivided attention.

7. Cats have a long lifespan

Any pet owner knows that losing a pet is a truly heartbreaking experience. Fortunately, when it comes to house pets, cats have quite a long life expectancy. The average life span of a cat is 12 years, but it’s not uncommon for them to live into their high teens or even early twenties.

8. Cats are good for your health

Studies have shown that cats have a calming effect on their owners, from the soothing action of petting to purring being an aid in falling asleep. Cats can even play a part in lowering your blood pressure and risk of a heart attack. One 10-year study has even shown that cat owners were 30% less likely to die of a heart attack or stroke than non-cat owners.

9. Cats can lead to fewer allergies

In a study by the National Institutes of Health, it was found that children under the age of one who were exposed to a cat were less likely to develop allergies. The interesting part was that this wasn’t just limited to pet allergies, but all types of allergies. It appears that exposure to pets as a young child will protect you against not only pet allergies, but other common allergies such as dust mites, ragweed, and grass.

10. Cats keep unwanted pests out of your house

Cats are hardwired to stalk, hunt, and pounce on their prey, which makes them perfect for keeping your home free of unwanted pests – be it mice, bugs, or something else. Even their presence can be enough of a deterrent for rodents as their scent can act as a repellent. Your living situation may impact the type of pet you’re able to have, but if you are fortunate enough to have unlimited animal options, we hope that these 10 reasons show you why a cat makes the ideal companion.

Responses to this Post

Robin Carson
9 Oct, 2019 at 11:05 pm
Excellent points!
2 Mar, 2022 at 05:00 pm
i love kitty cats
2 Mar, 2023 at 06:10 pm
31 Aug, 2020 at 12:32 am
I Love your website. CATS are wonderful creatures. And they smart too.
Kelly Cassel
17 Sep, 2020 at 06:00 pm
I love cats..always grew up with dogs until i moved out on my own..i cant imagine my life with out the little furballs.
Peggy Gidio
5 Oct, 2020 at 08:04 pm
Thanks for this article about cat ownership. They do make good pets. I feed stray cats. The more adopted the better.
Barb DeMatteis
18 Oct, 2020 at 04:51 am
I love all feline species! Since I can't have a cheetah or snow leopard, my two fluff balls have the same wild instincts and behaviors, so I marvel at how similar house cats truly are to their slightly wider cousins. They make nice heaters in winter, yet another bonus. I really enjoyed and appreciated the article!
3 Nov, 2020 at 01:06 am
I keep trying to convince my parents to let me get a cat and I hope this information will help me convince them that cats aren't as hard to take care of as they say they are.
5 Nov, 2020 at 06:06 pm
Hi Laila - We think cats make great pets as well, so we're happy to hear that this blog is (hopefully) helpful!
31 May, 2021 at 07:38 am
Hi Leila, I am a mum and my daughter has asked me for a cat many times and we have resisted just to keep life simple but I have now agreed because they are so good for the mental health for children and others. Cats are so lovely if treated well and will keep you company and are so fun to watch. I really hope your parents say yes! They are no trouble and are a delight. they will bring huge happiness. Show this message to your Mum. PS/ ( I have had a cat before )
14 Nov, 2020 at 12:35 am
Never wanted a cat only had dogs all adopted and they were wonderful . Since we still had desired to have a pet we made a great choice and now have Zoe our savanna exotic and absolutely adore and love her loving and and friendly to all ,
Pamela Hagstrom
13 Jun, 2021 at 03:44 am
I have a cat, and I think when I got her she was rescued. From Pamela Hagstrom
20 Nov, 2020 at 02:46 am
Hi! i'v been trying to convince my parents to get a cat for 2 years now (still a no...) but currently i'm writing an essay to convince my parents to get me a cat! I feed the 2 strays in my neighborhood and they are so sweet! This website was super helpful for my essay and i definitely recommend this for people begging for a cat!
23 Nov, 2020 at 12:51 pm
So happy to hear that our blog was helpful, Julia! We hope you're able to add a cat to your family soon.
13 Dec, 2020 at 10:54 pm
Thanks for the comment you helped me with my debate project
Richa Wilson
15 Feb, 2021 at 01:10 pm
Great Job!!! Thanks for sharing a good piece of information with us. After reading this blog post, I feel very happy & satisfy. I'll definitely share this lovely stuff with my colleagues. Keep update more with us :)
2 Mar, 2021 at 08:07 pm
Good point
5 Apr, 2021 at 07:12 pm
This is really cool. I have a cat named Asher, and he is such a sweetie.
anna agon
26 Apr, 2021 at 12:29 am
I always have had cats in my household, actually from the age of 5 or 6, now am 71 and still keep having a cat as my companion...when my first cat passed away during 1960s, I buried him in my backyard under the apple trees we had planted around our particular apple tree, where my cat was buried blossomed more vigorously than the others, or maybe be it was only my imagination, but I always will remember my sweet poopoosh , who was buried under that tree...
20 Apr, 2023 at 06:26 pm
Seems like an awsome cat Lola
17 May, 2021 at 09:44 am
Very useful post. Thanks for sharing the great post.
25 May, 2021 at 09:15 pm
This really really helped me with my debate project to, so helpful!
26 May, 2021 at 04:54 pm
That's so great to hear, Joy!
28 Jun, 2021 at 09:54 am
You left out the best reason of all...that kitties are so cute!
Sophie Lehnert
23 Mar, 2022 at 10:32 am
omg i so need a cat their really cute :)
Charlotte Fleet
25 Jan, 2023 at 09:25 pm
Thanks for explaining how cats are convenient pets for apartment owners because they use litter boxes and don't need to go outside. My best friend and I are living in an apartment together while we're in college. We'd love to have a pet to help us relax, so we'll look into getting a kitten together this month.
2 Feb, 2023 at 03:14 pm
dogs are better
7 Feb, 2023 at 09:22 am
excellent i like it thank you
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Savannah Johnson
2 Mar, 2023 at 09:28 pm
As someone who has multiple cats, these are all great points!
ava leo
8 Mar, 2023 at 06:37 am
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