3 Helpful Sites to Find the Perfect Pet Sitter

03 Mar 2015 | Written by Freshpet
Planning a Spring Break getaway, but not sure where to leave the pets? We understand that sometimes the only thing between you and a much-needed vacation is finding a trustworthy pet sitter to care for your dog or cat. So our team at Freshpet put together these website resources that can help you find a loving pet sitter for your next trip!  


DogVacay allows you to search for a real home where you can feel comfortable leaving your dog, while they can relax and enjoy their own vacation time with a dog lover and possibly other pets. All DogVacay hosts are also approved by their Host Community team, which screens all prospective hosts, their background and homes. Only 1/3 of applicants are approved.   6638403877_e871c93d48_b


Pet Care via Care.com

Care.com is great for any kind of care from baby sitters to cat sitters. Search through qualified individuals with different kinds of experience and expertise. The interviewing process is in your hands and you can make sure you find someone perfect that fits your needs.   3114935092_9dcce27f42_b    


Find your ideal dog sitter by searching Rover's database of dog lovers ready for hire in your area. Rover not only offers in-home dog sitting, but also dog daycare which might be of interest if you work long days or are planning a day trip. Rover is also recommended by Petco!   We hope that these websites will give you an easy way to find a sitter that aligns with your pet's personality and specific needs. Have any resources of your own? Share them with us on Twitter!
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