5 Holiday Outfits and PJs to Wear With Your Pets This December

09 Dec 2018 | Written by Freshpet
Nothing says “December” like cozying up in your most comfortable clothing. Whether you’re getting some much-needed fresh air or having a lazy weekend in at home, you and your pup can be perfectly coordinated in these five amazing outfits.

PJs from Fab Dog Inc.

Matching PJs for you and your pup? Count us in! Fab Dog Inc. has a line of cozy PJs that come in both dog and human styles and sizes. Available in red buffalo check, green and blue plaid, and a red thermal, there’s a set to suit every taste. Whichever pattern you choose, rest assured that both you and your dog will be lounging in style and comfort.

Scarves and Bandanas from Willowear

If your pup isn’t into wearing jackets or sweaters, that doesn’t mean you can’t coordinate your outfits this holiday season. Willowear has an entire line of matching bandanas and scarves, available in every color and pattern imaginable – plus, they can be personalized! You’re free to add your pet’s name or short phrase to their bandana, or alternatively, select one of the pre-designed sets, like the ever-so-cute “Meet me at the mistletoe” bandana.

Sweaters from Festified

Perfect for the entire holiday season, these matching sweaters are anything but ugly. Festified’s high-quality knitted sweaters come in an assortment of designs, great for any holiday event. Each dog sweater includes a convenient opening to allow for a leash – helpful for if you want to use this as your dog’s daily outerwear this winter.

Field Jackets from L.L. Bean

If you’re looking for something that you can use throughout the winter season, look no further than these matching field coats from L.L. Bean. The classic look and design of the field coat have been adapted to the shape and size of you pup. Both are made from cotton canvas, feature subtle accents of corduroy, and are completely machine washable – an important feature if you don't let the winter weather stop you from spending time in the great outdoors.

Onesies from Footed Pajamas

If curling up in the coziest clothing possible is all you want to do this month, you’re going to need this fleece onesie from Footed Pajamas. Complete with built-in slippers and a hood, these polar fleece onesies will keep you warm throughout the winter. Once you’ve settled on a pattern, you just need to select the matching version for dog. Dog onesies run from XS (10lbs) to XXL (120 lbs) so there will be no problem finding one that fits a pup of any size. From PJs and onesies to jackets and scarves, there’s no shortage of outfits you can coordinate with your pet during December and beyond.

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