5 Ways Simple Ways to Stimulate Your Pet

08 Jun 2015 | Written by Freshpet
Just like humans, our pets can become used to routine. Routine helps to bring structure to both of you and your pet's life, but it can sometimes play a part in boredom or feeling unfulfilled. This is why regular brain stimulation is very important for keeping your pet happy, active and continually challenged in life.   We understand days can be jam-packed and busy, so here are a few simple ways you can stimulate your pet today.  

Teach a new trick

Your pet probably doesn't know every trick in the book, so consider sparing a few moments today teaching them something new. Yummy incentives like treats will help to excite them and keep them focused on your goal.   8247546776_7c55c6f256_b  

Take a new path

Try taking your daily walk down a different path, or visit a new location like the park or dog run where your pet can pass by new people and things. You can also have your pet tag along while your run errands around town.  



Give them a job

Dogs and cats are the original hunters and herders. They naturally love having a job or or task to do, so when they're unable to fulfill this need they can become restless. Consider hiding toys for them to search for, or taking them on long hikes, runs, or a swim session. We've come to know some cats who love to swim!   tdy-110627-swim-cat-1-12p.grid-8x2  

Introduce them to a new pet

One of the most stimulating activities can be introducing your pet to a new dog or cat. You'll be introducing your pet to a new personality, new smells and possibly a new playmate. If your pet typically doesn't like other animals, consider introducing them on neutral territory outside, or slowly easing them into this situation.  



Get them a new and exciting toy

What pet doesn't get excited by a new toy? Try gifting your pet with a toy that involves more thought such as a puzzle, or a hidden treat pocket.   play_cat_147243300_dentharg_iStock_Thinkstock   What ways do you stimulate your dog on a regular basis? Share your pet parent tips with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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