6 Puppies Who Wore Pharrell's Hat Better than Pharrell

27 Jan 2014 | Written by Freshpet
Last night was Grammy night, and one of the biggest winners wasn't just Pharrell: it was his hat. To celebrate such awesome head wear, we're taking a fresh look at the hat of the evening, and sharing six puppies who rocked his look. Because, puppies!   Check out our fashion-forward pups below.   1. Buster's look is all about style. From the hat's hue perfectly matching his fur-tone, to the brightly colored Bandana, Buster knows how to make his look stand out. "I chose a yellow-toned bandana because it makes my eyes pop. Or so Mom says!"   Puppy Twitter 7   2. Candice proves that female pups can wear hats too, and wear it she does. "The Grammys were all about breaking down gender roles this year," she says. "Why can't a lady wear a hat... or a suit like Madonna?" We certainly agree!   Puppy Twitter 1   3. "Pharrell's hat seamlessly transitions from the warm weather in LA to the cool east coast winter with ease," says Scout. "Plus, I can store extra treats in here for when I'm hungry later."Puppy Twitter 2   4. Peaches is less than enthused by Pharrell's hat's new fame. "I don't know what all the big deal is," he says. "I've been wearing this hat since Dad found it in a thrift shop, which was at least 10 meals ago."Puppy Twitter 4   5. Boss finds  Pharrell's hat is more of a utility than a fashion statement. "I need to protect my eyes from the sun, and I find it keeps my drool from overheating. If you know anything about drool, you know what I mean." We sure do, Boss.   Puppy Twitter 5   6. Finally, Beau thinks his hat makes him look just as cool as Pharrell. "I've always loved Pharrell, I love his song Happy, and now I love his hat. Plus, the ladies really go crazy for it. That and my puppy dog eyes."   Puppy Twitter 3   We hope that you enjoyed our Pups - who do YOU think wore it best? Tell us in the comments!

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