7 Ways to Keep Your Pet Warm This Winter

21 Dec 2014 | Written by Freshpet
Winter is officially here! Which had us thinking about all the fun and easy ways to can keep our pets warm this season. We picked these 7 for you to keep in mind when the weather outside is frightful.  

Hang out fireside for a while. It's the toastiest place in the house.


Let your pet skip a haircut. A little extra fur will actually keep them cozy when it's frigid, just remember to keep them clean and groomed.


Holiday Sweaters. They're both fantastically festive and functionally warm.


Grab a good blanket for hibernation. It's the no-nonsense way to keep in the heat, and we know that our pets are willing to cocoon themselves for hours.


Avoid turning your pet into a popsicle. After bathing, make sure your cat or dog is completely dry before heading outside, and grab a waterproof + insulated coat. We like this one from Ruffwear.


If your pets are spending playtime outside, they may be burning more calories just to stay warm. Make sure their eating a good meal to help with the process but also to keep their energy up.



Lastly, there's no better way to keep warm than to snuggle with your furry best friend.


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