A Cat's Second Chance At Life

30 Jul 2013 | Written by Freshpet
Everyday, there are amazing pet lovers and pet parents doing remarkable things to help rescue pups and kitties around the world. Here at Freshpet, we believe that every pet deserves a great home. That's why we donate thousands of pounds of dog food each year to local animal shelters. However, it's the shelter volunteers, employees and friends that are the real heroes. So when Kathy sent us the following story about a furball in need, we couldn't help but share. Have your Kleenex handy!  
[caption id="attachment_91589" align="aligncenter" width="471"] Hanging in the Petco office. Feeling much better
and healthier, but looking for a real home.[/caption]
  I have no name, or past history, or a home.  I came to the shelter and was sick with respiratory issues.  After I got well, I now am at Petco - Oak Lawn, IL awaiting for a forever family to find me.  But I didn't want to eat.  You would think in a pet store there would be something I liked. Nope... none of the expensive food, the grocery food, nothing! But then Aunt Kathy from the shepherd rescue came in and the Petco folks asked if she could figure out what I might want to eat.  She looked at me and saw how skinny I was and just had no interest in life.  She talked to me, let me smell her cologne, and then held me as we walked around the store.  As we walked through the store a big refrigerator caught our eyes. Aunt Kathy took a bag of Freshpet Vital Complete Meals for cats to see if it worked. We went back to my bungalow and she put a plate out and poured some food. I took a couple sniffs and started to eat. The Petco staff hugged Aunt Kathy and they were full of tears. They told Aunt Kathy that she was the best at figuring out how to get cats to eat.  So see the two pictures... one is me enjoying the Freshpet cat food, that smells like chicken salad, and the other is me feeling better, hanging out in the office. Yes, I still need a name and a home. But now that I'm eating, feeling better and gaining weight, I hope that someone will come take me home with them soon.   We're so glad our food could help this little one grow strong again. It's stories like these that make us at Freshpet melt and we're so pleased when they're shared with us. Hopefully this little furball finds a home soon enough - it would be a purrrrfect ending to this story!  
[caption id="attachment_91591" align="aligncenter" width="408"] Thank you Freshpet - you're the only food
I'll eat. Vital Complete Meals are the best![/caption]
  Got a Freshpet story to share? Let us know how Freshpet food has made a difference in your fur-kids life!

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