Adopt a Dog Cheat Sheet

02 Oct 2014 | Written by Freshpet
October is Adopt a Dog month, which means persuading your friends into getting a dog... a little more than you usually do. This is your perfect time to shine.   We find that people can be on the fence about adopting and need some more compelling (and fun) reasons to get to the shelter. We're all about bringing a new pet into the home to build a family and give an adorable animal a loving home. Here's a cheat sheet to prep you for your conversation with that pet-parent to be.   large_4905830461   You're Looking For a Running Buddy What better way to get active and stay fit? You'll always have a workout buddy to get out there and persuade you with all their tail-wagging energy. You Could Use a BFF He'll always be down for a good comedy or ordering in on a Friday night. Trust us.   Grandpa Could Use a Companion We miss Grandma and Grandpa just as much as they miss us when we're not around. So why not surprise them with a companion to share some fun and hugs.   You Could Use a Pick-Me-Up Dogs are actually amazing in the "warm and fuzzy" department. Pets are actually proven  to make you feel physically and emotionally good. It could be from all their unconditional love.   You're Saving a Cute Face When you adopt you're likely to be saving a puppy's life compared to other alternatives of getting a pet. Puppy mills for example don't always give dogs the proper care and attention they need.  To learn more about puppy mills visit   large_5355143680   There's Nothing Wrong With Fido There is a silly misconception that when you adopt from a shelter or rescue, you're getting an abused, sick or aggressive pet. Many dogs lose their homes for reasons out of their control. So don't let the word "adopt" become synonymous with sick.  They can be just as healthy, if not healthier than a lot of the dogs you know!   Resources Ready to look? First, locate and visit your local animal shelter and get acquainted with the dogs up for adoption. Need more resources? Here are a few places to help you, a friend or family member find a dog (or two) of their own.   We wish you the best of luck in persuading your friend to bring home a new family member. After all love is a four legged word.

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