Get Ready for our Facebook Live Cat Adopt-a-thon

04 Nov 2016 | Written by Freshpet
We loved our Facebook Live Dog Adopt-a-thon so much, we said hey - let's do it for cats! In honor of National Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week, we're teaming up with Happy Homes Rescue to host a Cat Adopt-a-thon with our friends at Nasdaq.   You’ll have the opportunity to see 20+ kittens live on Facebook during the hour and call in for a chance to adopt one of them! While an adoption application is required, calling in will fast-track you to the top of the list to be considered first.   You can call in at TBD. Viewers and participators during the Facebook Live Adopt-a-thon will also have a chance to win coupons and special gift packages with Freshpet all natural and refrigerated pet food & treats!  

Friday, November 11, 2016 @ 1:30pm EST Watch Live at Call-in number coming soon!

  Watch Live:   Happy Homes Animal Rescue is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization is fully staffed by volunteers from your community. They rely on generous financial contributions to continue their mission of finding loving homes for each of New York & New Jersey's homeless cats.  Happy Homes Animal Rescue started up in 2011 and has since rescued and found homes for over 2,000 homeless cats.   Scroll down the meet the cats. To fill out an adoption application, click here.  

Meet the Kittens!


drpem3xzef3kf-cloudfront   Gianna  is a grey Dilute Tortoiseshell kitten around 3 months old.  She is sweet and calm and gets along well with other kittens and cats. Gianna was rescued from a large cat colony on Staten Island.   See her full profile.    


drpem3xzef3kf-cloudfront-1   Gemma is a 3-month-old silver tabby who is very sweet and calm.  She gets along excellent with other kittens and cats as well.  She was trapped a few weeks ago with her sister Gianna and brother Guiseppe. She would love a home with a kitty sibling to play with.   See her full profile  


drpem3xzef3kf-cloudfront-2   Lyric is a 14-week-old white and tabby domestic short-haired kitten.  She was rescued at just 12 days old when she and her sister Melody had to be separated from their mom.  Because she has been used to humans from such a young age, she is well socialized with all people, cats and even dogs!   See her full profile  


drpem3xzef3kf-cloudfront-3   Mario is a 14-week-old black and white tuxedo kitten who was trapped in a large colony in Staten Island along with his sister, Martina.  He is very affectionate and playful and loves to be the center of attention.  Mario gets along great with other kittens and cats!   See his full profile  


drpem3xzef3kf-cloudfront-4   Giovanna is a 14-week-old domestic short haired tabby. Giovanna was a little shy at first, but always friendly. She gets along well with all other cats and kittens!   See her full profile  


drpem3xzef3kf-cloudfront-5 Giuseppe is a 10-week-old Siamese mix kitten with big beautiful eyes. He's a little shy and often seeks the comfort of his sisters, Gemma and Gianna. We are currently looking for a home where Guiseppe would be able to be adopted with one of his sisters. He gets along with other cats and kittens.   See his full profile  


drpem3xzef3kf-cloudfront-6   Mystery is a sweet and friendly 4.5 month old black and white domestic short-haired kitten. She is active and social and gets along with other kittens, cats as well as dogs.   See her full profile  


Eden is a 4-month-old sweetheart. She likes to be around her family but isn't needy. She loves getting attention and cuddles but isn't in your face about it.   drpem3xzef3kf-cloudfront-7   See her full profile  

Marker & Crayon

Marker and Crayon are four-month-old boys that are just as sweet as they are handsome. They love to play with toy mice and ping pong balls. When they're all tuckered out, they climb into their foster mom's lap and fall asleep. They're especially funny and have delightful personalities. download-1 download   See his full profile  


Luna is a 5-month-old very outgoing and extremely affectionate little girl. She's curious, has tons of personality, and is the life of the party. In Luna's foster home, she has been socialized with dogs, other cats/kittens, and children. She would be an excellent addition to any family.   drpem3xzef3kf-cloudfront-8   See her full profile


Applebloom is a very handsome gray and white little boy. He is a perfect mix of playful and friendly. They are both five months old. Their personalities compliment each other perfectly and they would love to go to a home together or to a home with another friendly kitten or cat. download-3   See her full profile    




  Applejack is a beautiful dilute tortie little girl. She has a very laid back personality and is very affectionate. They are both now five months old. Their personalities compliment each other perfectly and they would love to go to a home together or to a home with another friendly kitten or cat.   See his full profile    

Interested in any of the cats?

Be sure to watch them live on November 11th. Or check out their full profile above to see how you can bring one of them, or a cat just like them home!  

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