And the Winners of the Freshpet Protest 4 Fresh Contest Are...

02 Nov 2011 | Written by Freshpet
Freshpet Protest 4 Fresh ContestThe Freshpet Protest 4 Fresh Contest has come to an end! We received numerous photos of your pets protesting for 4 fresh, and so we want to send a special thanks to all those who participated over the past 2 weeks. And now the envelope please... The grand prize goes to Allison and her pooch Henry. Henry (an animal activist which can be viewed to the left) captured our hearts with this cute, satirical take on current Occupy events. Don't worry Henry we'll keep the protest going to make sure that all poochies have fresh food. You are part of the 99% who want fresh food, but you've definitely captured 100% of our hearts!   Another special thanks to our fan favorite Jennie and her dog Stanley. Stanley (seen to the right) gets very nervous when he sees that there is only half of a Freshpet log left. No need to worry Stanley, we will make sure that your supply of Freshpet is never low. Well deserved! Thanks for the on-going support of Freshpet and happy protesting!

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