After Animal Control Released Their Dogs, Leslie Made it Her Mission To Find Them Homes

25 Sep 2015 | Written by Freshpet
We want to give a special thanks to our Freshpet fan Dawn W. for nominating this Tail of Good. Nominate your own Tail of Good here.
While skimming through our Facebook page, we found a truly touching message from a follower of ours named Dawn. She wrote to us explaining that she had heard about our Tails of Good in the past and had to tell us about an amazing woman named Leslie Galloway. She wrote:

"[Leslie] is a testament for treating animals with kindness. She - without help - drives around every single day providing food for strays that were released from the county [animal control] years ago. She brings these animals to the vet, has them vaccinated, has them spayed or neutered, finds them fosters, finds them loving homes, raises every cent for their surgeries or therapies. All alone. All with donations or her own money. She houses as many as she can on her own and then turns to Facebook for support. She was recently diagnosed with aggressive cancer and I can only imagine her devastation - both for herself and her animals. If you ever need To highlight someone wonderful - please look further into her story. Her photos and videos speak volumes about how love and nutrition can change a life."

  After learning about Leslie, we were so moved that we decided to surprise her with a thank you gift box of our Fresh Baked recipes to feed to her foster pups. A few days later we were finally able to get in touch with Leslie and learn more about her work. Leslie Galloway started Meals on Wheels Helena as a Facebook page about 2 years ago, after local animal control in Helena, Arkansas released their dogs into the national forest. Leslie explains to Freshpet, that since this happened there has been a huge growth in stray dogs in the community. Many are feral dogs are out there in search of proper food and shelter, and some are in need of medical attention. 11137112_517895971699957_6556590706183662629_n Leslie began looking out for these homeless dogs, capturing them when she could, or feeding those who were willing to come close enough. Today, Meals on Wheels Helena houses 100 or more dogs under their network of friends, family and volunteers. Leslie for example has 8 foster dogs with her at her very own home. 11053605_524033584419529_7819583758639123576_n To help raise money for medical treatments and Veterinary boarding (when they are unable to house animals), Meals on Wheels Helena looks to their Facebook community. Leslie posts daily to the Facebook page, bringing awareness to dogs that need attention and explaining ways her Facebook followers can donate. Meals on Wheels has helped over 200 dogs to date and looks to locals or donors to continue their amazing work for their community of dogs. If you're interested in helping Leslie and the strays of Helena, follow her Facebook page at   ToG_button[1]  

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