Bergen County Shelter Rescues 69 Animals from Westwood, NJ Home

02 Sep 2015 | Written by Freshpet
While browsing through local New Jersey news, we were shocked to find out that 69 animals were discovered in a Westwood home where they were being neglected, uncared for and living in confined spaces. Many suffered from irritated skin and heavily matted fur with urine and fecal matter. Bergen County Animal Shelter (BCAS) has stepped in to care for rescued animals. IMG_0293   50 dogs, two cats, four birds, a lizard and a chinchilla were rescued and have since been cleaned and treated. BCAS has begun to train the animals and socialize them as they arrived terrified and seemed to lack much human interaction. The dogs are learning to walk using leashes for the first time and learning to trust the volunteers at BCAS.   IMG_0298 When we heard they were requesting our pet food by name in a Facebook post we reached out immediately to help get food to them as soon as possible. We were told the animals were having trouble eating and taking food from the volunteers. In the past they've seen even the most unsocialized or scared animal approach when given our foods. We're happy to learn that our foods are a crowd pleaser but more importantly they  have been able to bring together shelter workers and animals. rescue-animals-westwood Freshpet has made a generous donation of Freshpet Select Chicken rolls to help feed the animals. We've worked with BCAS in the past and know that these animals are in good hands. We hope to have an update soon that the animals are gaining healthy weight and are getting ready to find homes. The shelter is currently taking donations of towels, fleece blankets, washable comforters or blankets (no sheets), and more. To learn how you can help please call 201-229-4600 or email [email protected]. ToG_button[1]

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