The Best Cold Weather Gear For Your Pet

09 Jan 2020 | Written by Tori Holmes

Some dogs are natural-born snow hounds, happiest when their thick coats are put to the test, but others need a little extra help to stay warm. We’ve put together our list of favorite gear for your pet to not only fight off the cold but help them enjoy their time outside this winter.

Muttluks Snow Mushers

Muttluks is one of the best-known dog boot brands on the market, having been producing them since 1994. Their Snow Mushers are rugged winter boots, made for pups who don’t want to let a little snow stop them from enjoying time outdoors. The perfect combination of quality, comfort and durability, these boots are fleece lined for warmth, have flexible rubber soles with traction treads for maximum grip, and reflective accents for increased visibility.

Max Wax

If your dog won’t wear boots but still needs some protection from the elements, try Max Wax. Max Wax is an all-natural, human-grade wax that creates a barrier, causing water to roll right off your pet’s paw. When applied on, and between, the pads of their paws it’s proven to protect against snow build-up and chemical burns from de-icing products that your pet will encounter on the sidewalk. Another great thing about Max Wax is that it’s actually an all-season product – it can be used to protect hot pavement and sand as well.

Hurtta Casual Quilted Overall

The Hurtta quilted overall coat is a must-have for short-haired or hairless dogs who want to stay warm during their city walks and everyday outings. The jacket is made from wind-, water-, and dirt-repellent material that is both soft and easy to clean. It can be adjusted at the waist, neck and back to ensure that it’s the right fit for your dog to be able to move freely. If you need help deciding what size to get, take a look at Hurtta’s detailed size guide – the back length is especially important to get right.

Omnijore Harness

If you’re looking for gear that will get both you and your pup outside more this winter, look no further than the Omnijore Harness. With four points of adjustment, you can customize the fit for any dog so they can safely and comfortably pull, making it the ideal harness for any type of “joring” – dog-powered – sports. During the snowy months, you can make use of the harness and it’s accompanying human hip belt and towline to try your hand at skijoring and in the summer, it can be paired with a skateboard or bike.

RC Pets Summit Snood

You wouldn’t dream of going outside on a cold winter day without your hat and scarf, so why should your dog? The Summit Snood is a hat and scarf combo designed to keep your dog warm in even the most inclement weather. The Snood has two drawstring cinch closures, so you can secure it in place and is made with four-way stretch fabric for a close fit without movement being restricted. It’s available in three adorable color combinations and can be machine washed without fear of shrinkage.

Canada Pooch Slush Suit

Ideal for dogs who live in areas where winter is more slushy than snowy, this one-of-a-kind slush suit will keep them warm. The Canada Pooch Slush Suit is made with a water-resistant exterior so your dog can stay dry and clean on even the wettest of days. It also doubles as a snowsuit, preventing snow buildup and matting of your dog’s coat. The great thing about this suit is you won’t have to wrestle your dog into it – its side zipper and adjustable neck make it easy to put on both small and large dogs.

This winter, don’t hide from the cold. With the right gear, you and your pup can head outside and make the most of the season.

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