Freshpet Custom Meals™ is available exclusively at Start Now
Freshpet Custom Meals™ is available exclusively at Start Now

How to Make Sure You're Starting Your Pet's Year Off Right

10 Jan 2023 | Written by Tori Holmes

There’s no better time to reassess your pet’s overall health and wellness than the start of a new year. We’ve put together a list of our best pet parent tips for 2023 to help make sure you’re starting your pet’s year off right.

Schedule their annual veterinary appointment

Pets are notoriously good at hiding signs of illness, so it’s not uncommon for pet parents to be unaware something is wrong until it becomes serious. This is why our best pet parent tip for 2023 is to schedule an annual vet appointment at the start of each year.

At these annual appointments, your veterinarian will:

Completing these on an annual basis will give your vet a good understanding of your pet’s baseline health, which will make it easier to see when something changes. After the age of seven, your vet will likely recommend coming in for these appointments every six months so they can more closely monitor changes as your pet enters its senior years.

long haired dog sitting on dog bed on carpet among some indoor plants

Refresh your pet’s diet

If one of your pet parent goals for 2023 is to improve your pet’s diet, consider switching to fresh food. The food your pet eats plays a huge role in their health and there’s no better option than fresh. That’s because unlike kibble, which uses powdered meat, artificial colors, and preservatives, fresh pet food – like Freshpet – uses ingredients that are much closer to their natural state. By making the switch to Freshpet, your pet will benefit from recipes that are:

For a full overview of the different Freshpet recipes, take a look at our product page for dogs and cats.

Encourage them to drink more water

Water is crucial to your pet’s overall health, helping to keep their body functionally normally. Most notably, water plays a role in:

Unfortunately, making sure that your pet gets enough water can be an ongoing battle – especially for cat parents. The good news is that we know a number of tricks you can try to pique your pet’s interest in drinking water, including:

For more reasons why you should be watching your pet’s water intake, take a look at this blog written by our Freshpet vet, Dr. Aziza.

blue eyed dod laying in glass and looking up smiling at the camera

Reassess their exercise routine

Dogs benefit greatly from having a regular exercise routine. Dogs that have the opportunity to exercise daily benefit from:

We know that finding the time to set an exercise schedule for your pet can feel daunting, especially for pet parents with busy schedules. This is why it’s a great idea to find a way for them to join activities you already do, such as running, hiking, or even long-distance walks.

But physical activity isn’t the only form of exercise that your pet should engage in – keeping their mind active is just as important! Keeping your pet’s mind busy can help curb feelings of boredom, stress, and anxiety – all of which can lead to destructive behaviors.

Improve their oral health

Over 80% of pets have some stage have dental disease, which, if left untreated, can contribute to oral pain, bad breath, and even unintended weight loss. So if you really want to make sure you’re starting your pet’s year off right, look for ways to improve their oral health.

We hope that our list of best pet parent tips for 2023 helps you make sure you’re starting your pet’s year off right!

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Sarwar Abdullah
4 Mar, 2023 at 04:28 am
Make your home pet-friendly: Ensure your home is pet-friendly by removing any hazards that could harm your pet, such as toxic plants, sharp objects, and small objects that can be swallowed.

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