The Best Podcasts for Dog and Cat People

13 Mar 2018 | Written by Freshpet
Want to learn more about your pets and how to be the best dog or cat parent you can be? These pet podcasts will keep you entertained and informed.  

Pet Parents, Oversharing - hosted by comedians Kaity Reagle and Andrea Shapiro

  Join one dog mom and one cat mom (who happen to be best friends!), as they dive into the completely ridiculous, gross and magical cult you join the moment you become a pet parent. “Pet Parents, Oversharing,” sponsored by Freshpet and hosted by comedians Kaity Reagle and Andrea Shapiro, unpacks the awkward stories, the catastrophic failures, and the fluffy feel-good moments of redemption that’ll have you howling with laughter & recognition over what it means to share your life with a furry friend. Listen now.  

The Purrrcast, hosted by Sara Iyer and Steven Ray Morris

With a cute logo featuring a dignified, bowtie-wearing cat at a retro microphone, The Purrrcast is an instant draw for cat lovers looking for new podcasts on iTunes. This show takes a casual, gently humorous approach to the topic of cats. Whether they're interviewing cat owners, chatting about their own cat stories or dishing about important moments in cat history, hosts Sara and Steven make The Purrrcast an easy listen. Episodes are typically about an hour long, meaning there's nearly 100 hours of The Purrcast to enjoy while you're at home with your cat or on the go wondering what your kitty is getting up to in your absence.

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Can I Pet Your Dog?, hosted by Allegra Ringo and Renee Colvert

If you can relate to the feeling of excitement that comes with meeting an awesome new dog while you're out running errands or otherwise going about your day, Can I Pet Your Dog? may be the ideal podcast for you. In addition to discussing the various dogs they've met, hosts Allegra and Renee discuss specific breeds, recent dog news and give reviews of dog-focused events. Can I Pet Your Dog? also features interviews with dog-owning celebrity humans like Andrew WK and celebrity dogs like Marnie the Dog, adding an extra element of fun to this often irreverent dog podcast.

       (Source: Can I Pet Your Dog?)


Positively Dog Training, hosted by Victoria Stilwell and Holly Firfer

Celebrity dog trainer Victoria Stilwell was one of the first prominent positive reinforcement trainers to make a splash on the pop culture scene, and she's still at it with books, TV shows and her Positively Dog Training podcast. Victoria and her co-host, Holly, bounce between discussing dog training and talking about canine science and health topics, making this an informative choice for dog parents looking to deepen their knowledge of veterinary science and get better at training.

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Responses to this Post

Rafael Querido
23 Mar, 2018 at 06:09 pm
Hi, Mariel, how are you? Thanks for sharing this content. Victoria Stilwell's work I already knew, but I still did not know the other podcasts. I'll search on iTunes and start listening! I love animals a lot and I also own a blog about it. I always want to learn more. I wish much success! Rafael
Lindsay Pevny
10 Jul, 2019 at 02:33 pm
I didn't know Freshpet had their own podcast! I've been going on long drives lately so I'm always looking for something fresh to listen to. Victoria Stilwell's articles and videos are really good, I bet her podcast is really helpful too.

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