By Day Five of Her Challenge, Dr. Katy Admits The Tables Have Turned

22 Sep 2013 | Written by Freshpet
  My favorite moment of the day was when a girlfriend asked my today "WHY are you doing this FreshPet Fridge Challenge?!? How are you surviving this?"   My answer to this question was another "aha moment" for me. I'm doing this so I can experience what our pets have dealt with their entire lives: a life without the refrigerator. It has been so incredibly difficult for me to feed my family healthily this week without using my refrigerator to house my fresh fruits, meats and vegetables. As a result of that, mixed with my busy schedule, I've resorted to feeding convenient foods from my pantry that aren't necessarily the healthiest options for my family.   This is so easily relatable to our pets when you consider that they've only had the choice of healthy fresh foods since 2006 when FreshPet started creating their foods. It's far more convenient now to walk over to that refrigerator, slice off a portion of this healthy, delicious food, and feed it to our pets. If only they'd invent something so healthy, nutritious and balanced for humans!

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