Cat Agility Winner Eats Freshpet

15 May 2012 | Written by Freshpet
Freshpet Cat Agility WinnerThis week’s blog post is written by pet agility trainer Linda of Bohm-Marrazzo Photography. Her prizewinner, Pippi, gets her energy by eating Freshpet cat food! Cat agility has been around since 2005 and is offered as a competition at the larger cat shows, which has the 32 x 32 foot room needed to run the 10 part obstacle course. This consists of weave poles, tunnels, jumps, hoops, and a step frame. If you want to read more – google CFA cat agility – and read lots about it. I started training Pippi a few weeks ago, even took a cat lesson and went to the last show of the season in Easton, Pennsylvania to merely have some laughs and introduce my five-month-old Somali kitten to the ring. Significantly, this show is the last chance all the heavy hitters in breed and agility have to capture points for national standings – that meant that the top cats in agility flew in from Oregon, California, Virginia and the like. I also showed her in the breed ring – she showed under 12 judges and won 11 blue ribbons for best color and best of breed in the Somali kitten category. So when I went in to the agility “cage” I never thought about anything but handling her like I handle Whoopee, my prizewinning Pyrenean Shepherd, in the dog ring. Imagine my complete disbelief when I found out that we had beat all the “veterans” and won the class in 22 seconds. It was such a hoot! The next day we competed again – she was quite tired, so we only placed 6th – however the points and speed from both days put us in First Place in the CFA’s North American Region as the Best Agility Cat and we placed 10th in the nation – so imagine when we get serious!!! She comes from the Kimbelot cattery in Pennsylvania where her grandfather Eric lives – his picture is on the Freshpet Vital Complete Meals for Cats bag. So that’s the story at the moment – I’m going to the banquet in June to get my trophy.

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