Cats vs. Dogs: Which Pet is Best?

30 Mar 2015 | Written by Freshpet
We're bringing back the age-old battle of Cats vs. Dogs. At Freshpet, we love them both, but we know many of you have a very firm stance on which pet you love most. So we're asking you to help us settle the debate once and for all: which pet is best: cats or dogs?   Tell us below for a chance to win $2,000 toward your favorite fresh food retailer and gifts from Freshpet!   There are so many reasons why we humans love dogs and cats. We wanted to start the discussion by highlighting some of the unique things that make dogs and cats different. So, we put them to the test in a very ‘scientific’ study to see which pet rose to the top. See which pet is currently in the lead:  

  But we know that sometimes science isn’t perfect. So now we need your help. Tell us which pet you love most and why below. Feel free to share with us photos and videos to help explain, and use hashtag #catsvsdogs when joining in the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! For each Cats vs. Dogs vote, Freshpet will donate $1 to partner shelters including Best Friends Animal Society and the Humane Society of Utah*, so that in the end, both cats and dogs in need will get the help they deserve.  

Enter today for your chance to win!

    Want to see how our Cats vs. Dogs video came together with the help of shelter pets? Watch our behind the scenes:    

*Freshpet will donate $1 up to $1,000 to Best Friends Society to partner shelters including Best Friends Animal Society and the Humane Society of Utah.

Responses to this Post

5 Apr, 2015 at 11:44 am
Why I think my cats are better than any dog?! I have always been skeptical about cats.....they can seem erie and creepy.....until I rescued 2 of the most amazing siamese cats! They bring more love and laughter to my home without barking every 2 seconds they hear something. They are intense cuddlers and not to mention.....they do their duties IN A BOX! I am a very busy woman, a cat is perfect for the time I do have. Dogs are messy....loud...and need attention ALL THE TIME. My kitties get lots of attention, but know that I can't be snuggling them every moment. Cats just make sense! ♡♡♡
Victoria McMahon
7 Apr, 2015 at 01:53 am
DOGS! DOGS! DOGS! I have had both and while I love them all my K9 kids are always there for me....the cat/cats over the years want a occasional pet the where's the Food
Katherine M
12 Apr, 2015 at 05:54 am
Cats and Dogs are both amazing, dogs are loyal to a fault and cats are more detached and independent... Until they feel the need for a good head to tail rub lol. I have two and two, they're all great.
24 Aug, 2015 at 04:14 pm
Dogs are SO much better than cats... and yes, I'm EXTREMELY passionate about this. Dogs are intelligent, loving, devoted, loyal, and true, and these are things that cats never have been and never will be. cats simply laze around all day... and it doesn't matter if they're better at hiding... speaking of that, any small Dog would be just as good at hiding. I would rather love an animal that learns a thousand words (Chaser) and that has a job range as wide as a human's, and would die loving you and that is happy like they haven't seen you in years when you've been gone for a few minutes (Dogs) than an animal that sleeps all day, scratches you to bits, and is associated with witches and evil - and is even considered bad luck (cats). dog haters/cat lovers say that Dogs are "Big and stupid" and "Can't go pee without their master" and that "Dog Lovers are control freaks" and that Dogs "love blindly" and are "brainless drones" and kill people, and that they would "Never live with such an animal". That is a load of COMPLETE junk, and it's why Dog Lovers love like they do. Don't listen to them. Dogs are the most amazing things ever. Dogs will give their lives for you. dog haters/cat lovers: You better believe it: Man's Best Friend is the wy to go. And I don't care if you say "mans best friend, that's all you stupid Dog Lovers ever use." It's only the truth. Dogs Rule.
Clarissa Yvinskas
17 Nov, 2015 at 07:59 pm
Dogs are our best friends. We had lovable Tiggy for over 10 years, she died and we missed her so much, that we adopted a 3year old german shepard mix from a shelter. She quickly took over and we are all happy.
21 Jun, 2016 at 10:51 pm
Cats are the best and dogs are ok
Skye P.
5 Jan, 2017 at 02:04 am
Cats are the best animal ever. Sure people can have them and love dogs, but I know cats are the best. I had a kitten once. He would sit on my lap and watch TV with me. He was also sooo cute! Then one day, he caught a disease. Soon enough, the poor thing passed away. I still miss him and I wish he never had to die. I cried for days and had dreams of him. His name was a funny name, Spike. He was only about seven months old and yet died at a young age. I want to make it up to him so I am entering this contest. Now I have a cat named spaghetti. She is not the same as Spike. No cat or kitten will ever be. He was the only one... Spaghetti is Nothing like Spike. She is always making me laugh instead of going "oh."Spaghetti is a grumpy cat, just like Grumpy Cat. I really do miss Spike. I miss his soft fur and his friendly purr.
Skye P.
5 Jan, 2017 at 02:13 am
I once had a kitten. I got him for my birthday. He had a funny name, Spike. The kitten was cuter than ever and he was as soft as cotton. He would follow me and watch TV too. The best thing he did was just be himself. I loved him very much. Then one day, he caught a disease from the stra y cats. Then, he passed away. I cried and sobbed for days and I kept having dreams about him. I still miss him. That is why I entered this competition, for Spike. He was a kitten...But no ordinary kitten. He was like no other.
Rachelle Romero
21 Mar, 2017 at 02:14 pm
I think cats are better

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