Cold Weather Tips for Keeping Your Dog or Cat Warm This Winter

04 Jan 2012 | Written by Freshpet
Cold Weather Tips for Keeping Your Dog or Cat Warm This WinterIt's official - Winter is here! Even though we know our loved ones like to run loose outside, there are many potential dangers of not being protected from the cold. Here are some tips to help protect our companion animals on those unbearable cold winter days. Cold Weather Tips:
  1. Keep your pooch or cat indoors. Those who are allowed to stray are exposed to infectious diseases, including rabies, from other cats, dogs and wildlife.
  2. Bang on car hoods. Outdoor cats tend to sleep underneath car hoods. This is hazardous because fan belts can do serious damage. Before starting your car in the winter, bang on the hood to give a chance for outdoor cats to escape.
  3. Never let your pooch off the leash when there is snow or ice. Dogs can easily lose their scent and become lost. There are more lost pooches in the winter than any other season, so make sure that your dog has an ID tag.
  4. Get them jackets and sweaters. If they are going outside, it is best to choose something that has a waterproof nylon covering.
  5. If your dog has a long coat, never shave it down. More hair will provide more warmth in the winter. Be sure to completely dry your dog after a bath when taking them out on long walks.
  6. Never leave your dog or cat unattended and alone in a car during cold weather. A car can act as a refrigerator in the winter, holding in the cold and causing the animal to freeze to death.
  7. Make sure your pooch wears booties. Booties protect your dog's sole from cold weather and harmful substances use to melt ice.
  8. Provide more food. Dogs use calories to stay warm, so make sure to feed them properly especially if they spend a lot of time outdoors.
  9. Warm bedding. Make sure your companion animal has a warm bed that is at least 3 inches from the ground to avoid cold drafts.
  10. Warm their hearts! Give your pooch or cat some Freshpet treats that will guarantee to warm their hearts and their spirits.
Tips provided by ASPCA,, and MentorPatch

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