Crowd Funding Keeps Dog and Mom Together

06 Dec 2014 | Written by Freshpet
Our team stumbled upon such a happy photo of a dog named Sophie on Facebook that we couldn’t believe the pain and struggle she was actually going through.   1502688_790948287630171_8702730421911346286_o   A month ago Sophie was hit by a car and ultimately suffered from extensive nerve damage in her leg. When her mom learned they would need to amputate the leg, she became worried about how she would pay for the surgery.   Sophie’s mom is on disability and doesn’t have a car, but managed to make it from shelter to shelter to seek out a solution. Sadly, since she could not afford Sophie’s medical care she was turned away each time and told she would have to surrender her dog in order get the surgery and care that was needed.   When a volunteer at the Chicago Animal Care & Control saw them struggling to find care, she put them through to Six Legs, a foundation helping families in financial difficulty to care for their pets. The foundation was able to raise money through crowd funding to pay for Sophie’s surgery and keep her home with her mother, where she belonged.   10690262_791915510866782_8648534380397014610_n   It was a post on Six Legs’ Facebook page that introduced us to Sophie. In this post, the foundation asked supporters to donate items on her post-surgery wish list, including new food. Sophie was a picky eater who only enjoyed cat food and wasn’t getting the nutrition she needed. We quickly got in touch to send Sophie some Freshpet foods to try.   We checked in with Six Legs soon after, and we’re happy to share that Sophie is now doing incredibly well, and thriving as a three-legged dog. She was also able to find some Freshpet meals she loves! But most importantly, we’re proud to spread this story of generosity, by both Six Legs and their Facebook community. To date, the foundation has helped numerous dogs to date with their medical care. No family should feel they have to surrender their pet to a rescue or shelter, and with Six Legs, many won’t have to.   To learn more about Six Legs Foundation on Facebook at ToG_button[1]

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