The Difference in Raw Feeding with Vital Raw

09 Feb 2015 | Written by Freshpet
So you may have heard of our new recipe last year, but we've been asked so much about Vital Raw that we thought we'd help answer some of your burning questions right here!

What is exactly is Vital Raw?

Vital Raw is Freshpet's first raw recipe. It's a grain free refrigerated recipe of raw meat, fresh fruits & veggies. Probiotics are added to help create an environment where pathogens cannot survive, so while this is truly raw food, it that can stay fresher longer in the fridge.

How do I handle and serve Vital Raw?

Vital Raw is conveniently refrigerated and ready to serve right from the fridge. We've taken extra care to ensure Vital Raw is free of pathogenic bacteria. Follow good hygiene when handling any type of raw food. Always wash your hands, surfaces and food dishes just as you would if you were preparing a meal for yourself or the family.

What's the difference between frozen raw & Vital Raw?

Since this meal is not frozen like some raw foods out there, you won't have to thaw. No thawing means no run off or messy clean-up like many raw feeders are use to. Vital Raw uses good bacteria to eliminate pathogens, where as with traditional frozen raw food, High Pressure Processing is used to eliminate pathogens. Also Vital Raw meals include fruits and veggies, making them complete and balanced.  

Benefits of Vital Raw

Dogs with sensitive stomachs, allergies or dermatological issues can benefit from Vital Raw:  

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