Dog Adoption 101: How to Find Your New Companion

30 Sep 2015 | Written by Freshpet
October is one of our favorite months. The leaves begin to fall, the weather is crisp, and it marks Adopt a Dog Month! All year round is a fine time to consider adoption, but October is a great excuse to take the leap and find yourself (or a friend) a new furry companion. Here are a few easy steps to kick start your search, and some resources to help you with the process!

Think about what you're looking for.

The great part about looking for a dog nowadays is that there are so many resources to help find a pet that suits your family's needs. But first you should figure out what it is that you're looking for.  Sometimes, you won't know what you're looking for until you meet your pet, but it's always good to have a discussion of what kind of personality can fit in your lifestyle.  This allows you start looking in specific directions and asking the shelter or rescue you end up working with the right questions. corgi1 

Always be open to an older pup!

There are so many benefits to bringing home a dog outside of it's puppy years or even a senior. Older dogs can be extremely loyal, which can be attributed to you giving them a opportunity to be loved again. They are also often house trained, making the transition period a little easier than training a puppy to "go" outside. They can also be more mellow than a rambunctious puppy! Consider seeking out a local senior dog rescue and being open to older dogs when searching popular pet finder sites. EWF_0980-2-2560x1481Susie of Susie's Senior Dogs  

Love a specific breed?

You can sometimes find a breed-specific rescue, or shelter nearby that work specially to rescue a certain pure breed or purebred mixes.  Outside of searching the web for a breed-specific rescue, we've found the AKC Rescue Network to be a helpful place to start.



Puppy Love

Dog adoption does not mean you won't find a puppy. If a puppy suits what you and your family are looking for, you can often find rescued litters available for adoption.


Some great places to look

Some of our favorite pet finder sites a great place to begin. With specific fields to fill out, questionaries and blog posts, there are many ways these websites can guide you to your new four-legged family member. PetFinder ASPCA Adopt A Pet 7184134010_0fa24ee2b7_b 

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