Celebrate National Dog Day with the first annual ADOPT-A-THON

24 Aug 2016 | Written by Freshpet
Update: Did you miss our Freshpet Adopt-a-thon? Watch it all below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlBrJxfhO3s   Lebron and Paris have been adopted!   [gallery columns="2" link="none" ids="180750,180751"]   Originally posted on August 24, 2016 We are proud to announce our first ever Adopt-a-thon in celebration of National Dog Day with our friends at Nasdaq. Join us via Facebook live at http://facebook.com/NASDAQ on Friday, August 26th @ 2pm EST as we showcase the hottest adoptable pups in the NY tri-state area!   FP_NDD_Adoptathon_logo   We've teamed up with the Associated Humane Societies of New Jersey to feature 15+ lovable and adoption-ready pups this Friday. You'll have the opportunity to see these dogs in action during the hour and call in for a chance to adopt one of them! While you still need to fill out an AHS adoption application, you'll be fast-tracked to the top of the list and will be considered first. You can call in at 1-9087-DOG-DAY!   Viewers and participators during the Facebook Live Adopt-a-thon will also have a chance to win coupons and special gift packages with Freshpet all natural and refrigerated pet food & treats!    

Friday, August 26 @ 2:00pm Watch Live at facebook.com/Nasdaq Call in at 1-9087-DOG-DAY

Meet the Dogs!

Here's a sneak preview of just some of the dogs you'll see this Friday at the Adopt-a-thon.  


bear new3   Meet Bear!  This handsome and well-behaved 6 year old golden retriever/shepherd mix is hoping to get noticed by a wonderful new family. Bear has always been a good boy, but unfortunately his family turned him in due to circumstances beyond their control.   He has had quite a bit of training in his day and will sit, heel, lay down, offer you a pawshake in friendship, you name it. He has a little spunk in his step when he's off the leash and enjoys a good game of fetch. Bear is a little shy when he meets new people but once he has a minute or two to sniff you out, he loosens up and bonds quickly.   See Bear's full profile.    


larkin1   Larkin is a  Brindle Boxer Mix boy who was rescued after he was found abandoned and tied to a pole with another dog. Despite his sad beginning with AHS, he is now 3 years old and a loving life. He is gentle and sweet and can sometimes be a little shy. But after meeting you he'll be wagging his tail and likes to be the center of attention! He loves to run around and chase after his favorite toys. While he rather be the only dog in the house, his big heart is well worth it.   See Larkin's full profile.    


sylvia1   Sylvia is a 5 year old Coonhound who is looking for a fresh start in life with a family that will give her all of the love and care that she deserves. Sylvia absolutely loves people and is ready to make new friends! She walks great on a leash and is well behaved, gentle and polite. She also gets along well with other dogs that are easy going and calm, like her!   See Sylvia's full profile.    


kahvea june 27-b   This beautiful young lady is Kahvea, a pretty 2 year old Pibble. She's healthy and happy, and ready to find a great home. Although Kahvea suffered at the paws of another dog, she doesn't hold it against anyone and is open to meeting new pups. Kahvea is a friendly, outgoing, energetic pup that just loves everyone she meets. She makes friends very easily and isn't a shy one.   See Kahvea's full profile.    


clementine1   Clementine is a beautiful 7 month old Coonhound mix. We've fallen in love with those eyes! Clementine will need a home with a family that will help her to get over some of her fears, but she has come such a long way since she was rescued. She completely lets loose in the exercise yard with people she is comfortable with and will run, play, for hours!   See Clementine's full profile.    


lexi new2   This happy and bubbly young lady is Lexi, a 3 1/2 year old pretty Pibble. Although Lexi is feeling great these days and is healthy and happy, she lost some of her vision due to her eyes not being treated fast enough. She gets around perfectly and nothing stops this perky pup from enjoying herself! She wiggles her whole body when she meets you and is happy to go out for a walk with you or play a game of fetch.   See Lexi's full profile.    


leo aug2-b   Leo is a 1 1/2 year old Tibetan Mastiff. He was imported from China only to spend his life in a tiny cage in a backyard with no shelter from the elements. After months of medical treatment, surgeries, and lots of TLC, Leo is positively thriving now. He is a born comedian that thoroughly enjoys making you laugh and he just wants to have fun. Leo gets along great with other dogs and would do best with larger dogs.   See Leo's full profile.    

Amiga & Muchacho

amiga & muchacho1   These adorable little chihuahua's are Amiga and Muchacho, a very sweet and lovable pair that would love a wonderful home where they can stay together forever. They are both about 9 years old and like most chihuahuas, they are somewhat shy at first but just give them a few minutes to check you out and they'll be climbing in your lap in no time. Amiga, the little lady, is the more outgoing of the two, and Muchacho is a gentleman who watches out for her.   See Amiga and Muchacho's full profile.  


jeffrey3   Jeffrey is an adorably sweet 4 year old Coonhound mix. He's gentle, calm but also loves running laps in the exercise yard. Jeffrey gets along with dogs that are easy going and is even happy to meet cats! He's looking for a patient family to shower him with love.   See Jeffrey's full profile.    


tony1   We can't imagine the heartbreak that Tony felt when her owner passed away.  Although 7 year old Tony has been making tons of friends, she's ready to settle in with a new companion. She is super gentle, very polite and sits patiently! She is mellow and easy going but definitely still has plenty of spunk and enjoys tossing around toys from time to time.   See Tony's full profile.    


cappucappu Cappuccino is a sweet 2 year old girl.  She is dog-friendly and is already a volunteer and staff favorite. This sweet photos of Cappuccino made the Freshpet team giggle. We can't wait for you to meet her during the Adopt-a-thon!    


banjo2   Banjo is a deaf pup with lots of love and kisses to share. He loves trips to the beach, ice cream, volunteering with his best friend and playing with other dogs his size. Banjo is super sweet, and will steal your attention!   Banjo has his own Facebook page with currently 850 followers, Help Banjo Find his Furever Home.  

Want to learn more about Associated Humane Societies of New Jersey?

Associated Humane Societies is a non-profit animal sheltering network in New Jersey comprised of three shelters in Newark, Forked River and Tinton Falls. Visit ahscares.org to learn more about their services, adoptable pets and how you can help!  

Looking to adopt one of these guys or any of the ones seen on the Adopt-a-thon?

Fill our an application here and email it to [email protected].  

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