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30 Sep 2011 | Written by Freshpet
Freshpet believes all cats and dogs, especially those still looking for forever homes, should enjoy eating fresh, healthy food.  That's why they donate whenever they can to local organizations in need.

Last week, Freshpet donated meals to Linda Ann's Greyhound Rescue in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  It is an all-volunteer, non-profit rescue group devoted to the welfare of retired racing greyhounds.  Five new hounds had just arrived into their care, and will now begin their new lives on a diet of nutritious food.  "We cannot tell you how much this helps the rescue and the foster people.  We do so much appreciate it," said Darryl, one of the dedicated foster parents.

Freshpet also recently donated to the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter.  The 300 current residents there wrote in, "All of us here at BARCS send a THOUSAND THANK YOUS for all the awesome food and treats!  We LOVE Freshpet!!!:)  We are grateful there are companies out there like you that think of our loneliness here in the shelter while we wait for our furever homes.  A wonderful surprise like this great meal makes us feel all the more loved." You can make a difference, too, by starting a "Pet Food Collection" in your neighborhood.  Here's how:   *Freshpet donates to 501(c)(3) organizations.    

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